Where is everyone


things been slow around these parts…post people


Everyone’s doin the Holiday thing.



Go to the auto section and check my revised modication plans. :smiley:


Lol Bacon, newsflash - it’s the holidays :lol


Hey Evrabudda! I just got back from Massanuttin Ski resort. I’m a little sore. I learned to Snow board. :smiley: Pictures later when i upload them. So what did you get for Christmas Bacon?


well, joe has been hogging the computer…so i havent been able to get on… I just kidnapped heathers… she will be walking back in, in just a second…

shit busted!!


here I am… I must go win some trophies :tard everybody keeps takin mine lol :frowning:


yeah its been pretty slow today. but i hoped everyone had a nice holiday.


Re: RE: where is everyone

hmm well lets see…I got a 24 hour watch on christmas day and chow relief christmas eve so that was an extra 4 hours of watch to pre stage the 24 hour watch I had the next day and well today I’m off and tomorrow I have to go to work…go to medical because my shoulder is still killing me so I’ll be getting more motrin…then when its all said and done I get to drive to NJ and enjoy the holidays :smiley:


Re: RE: where is everyone

well since I haven’t been able to do the holiday thing yet I’ve on here quite a bit…I’ve seen a lot of people pop on and stay on for a lil while but no one was chatty


Re: RE: where is everyone

stay away from mine :fu :smiley: :lol


i’m too depressive these days to really post…i just like replying…maybe when something interesting happens i might post lol


Sorry I’ll make some new threads. I lurk here most of the time.


a lurker eh http://www.offtopicz.com/smilies_mod/upload/245a6a78a4c388d7fcd278c352d99ab5.gif


just got done will all the holiday stuff … IM BACK now though!!! :smiley:


I had to work the holiday weekend! Sucked big time! Now Im finally off today and I am pooped!


I get to do my holiday thing in a few hours when I leave for Jersey


well i worked a 12 hour shift on christmas eve and instead of going to sleep when I got home, I stayed up and did christmas (on christmas day) and cooked!!! so needless to say, christmas day was tiring for me. LOL


hi :wave