Where is


Jan?? I just realized I caught up with her in posts… So I KNOW she hasnt been posting lately??? whats the dealio?


No idea… I miss her whoring.


I was wondering the same thing. Hmmm, maybe she got a job. :dunno


I was thinking the same thing. :slight_smile:


she might be serving time over the whole walmart thing? :dunno


:rofl mean but funny


Maybe she’s hanging out at other Stang forums because this place and M/F is all fished out for her. :rofl


I hope shes OK.


Me too


Im sure she is… If we dont hear from her by tommorrow, Ill call her cell and see whats going on.


yeah i was wondering the same thing. i sent her a pm the other day and no response since and she usally sends me a pm every night. i hope that GM sitsuation dint get to her too much. i know he was an asshole. maybe she did get a job


yea maybe she got a job :dunno


Well if you talk to her, and for whatever reason she can’t get on the comp anymore, tell her she’s been missed.


ok, im speaking to Jan (tazzy) on the phone now, and she is having some computer problems… I guess she got some sort of trojen and her windows wont load anymore… so its in the shop. :slight_smile:


Trojan!!! God Damn CONDOMS!!!


So she finally got a man? :dunno




So she finally got a man? :dunno[/quote]

No silly, she got a big wooden horse that she can hide in…pfftttt, I’m surrounded by eeeddditzzz. http://www.abestweb.com/smilies/happydance.gif


Like this one???




She should be back on here tommorrow night sometime.