Which Are The Most And Least Democratic Nations In The Western World (New World, Europe, Parts of Oceania)?


Just looking for opinions and peoples’ general thoughts.


Well I would say America is probably one of the worst offenders, as it essentially functions in large part as an oligarchy. There was a study done by Princeton University showed that the bottom 90% of people by wealth in the united states had a non-significant near zero-effect on legislation passed, but the correlation was much more apparent for the wealthy and affluent special interest groups. I find this is largely because the United States lags behind most of the developed world in terms of social services and labor protections. Not being a European, I lack the knowledge to make specific distinctions in those instances, but I do know that the Nordic countries are leaders in world democracy, and boast numerous, generous social services and provisions to labor, which typically shift more political power to the working class, and by extension, a larger group of people than in more capitalist countries. So I guess I’d rank them somewhat like this:
United States < Western Europe < Northern Europe
I don’t really know enough about Australia to rank it in this list, but I’d say it’s probably pretty similar to Western European countries which have a more well-established welfare state, but have nonetheless experienced neoliberal reform in the past few decades.


What is your opinion on First-Past-The-Post Parliamentary Systems vs Presidential Systems vs Direct Democratic Systems?


I don’t like FPTP, but I do think a direct democracy with either an alternative or single-transferable vote are more optimal to elect leaders of a country.


I would agree so long as there are constitutional protections in order to maintain the rights of minorities


I think the worst in the western world would have to be countries like Spain or Turkey, which, while technically democratic, have a history of violently cracking down on opposition. I’d say ever since Erdogan took power, Turkey has to be the worst offender on that list. Belarus, Spain, and Russia are also good contenders for that list. The best would have to be Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Nordic Countries. Germany and France could also come in not far behind. When we factor in the Americas as well I’d say that Canada, Uruguay, and to some extent the US top that list. The US has too many unconstitutional acts, however, to trump the previous two (no pun intended).

Hong Kong, if you want to count it as a western nation, could also make that list, as could Australia and New Zealand. The UK would’ve topped my list 20 years ago, but ever since Tony Blair the country has been in steep decline, and personal freedom has been disintegrating rapidly in the past decade.

In terms of Eastern Europe, Czechslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Baltics at the top of that list, with Poland, with most Balkan nations aside from Makedonija and B&H being pretty good.


Living conditions there are awful, quality of life gap is massive, and class divides make the US look like a marxist fantasy utopia. The govt doesn’t do what its supposed to: ensure that the rights of the people are upheld, that contracts are enforced, and that their basic needs are met, and thus it is a failure as a state.


You do have to acknowledge that things are improving though.


True, fair enough