Which countries have you been to?


I have been to, in decending order of the amount of time I have spent in each:

United Kingdom
I honestly cant remember if I have been to Germany or not lol… bit I think not. I would like to go some day though.


Wow whatta traveler lol. I live in the U.S and have been to Puerto Rico, but that’s it. Don’t really travel, like at all.


How was Puerto Rico?
How many US states have you been to? :slight_smile:


Well both times I went there I had fun, but it was hot as hell and some of the shit was scary as hell tbh. We went fishing (I have family that live there, and at the time I was visiting with my grandpa and cousin) and this boat was the most sketchy thing and like deadass if we we’re to all sit on one side we’d sink the boat. And when we ran into some like bushes there were some large ass spiders. Bruh, that was some shit. But the mountains were pretty and the lake too.
I live in Florida and when I was younger I went up to connecticut once and Massachusetts once (to visit family but they moved down here so.)


God spiders :scream: I cant stand them. I am just glad that the insects in Britain are so tame. Also that boat :fearful:
Do you go back to Puerto Rico often? I have family in Italy too and I go there about once a year to visit my nan.


Australia (WA, QLD, NSW)

United Kingdom (Mainly Wales, Southwest England)


Haha don’t come to Australia then, they’re big and they can kill you :wink:

But then, just about anything can kill you over here…


Trust me, if I was ever in that area of the world I would just visit New Zealand instead. Seems like Australia but greener and with much less terrifying animals :rofl:
Also, it would be fun to see Lord of the Rings stuff too :star_struck:

Were you in Malaysia for long? Was it just a short holiday one time or? How was it?


I guess NZ is ok, they just talk funny XD . Plus they don’t have Koalas or Quokkas.

I was in Malaysia for a day while we connected flights to the UK.


Not really, all the older generation are dying off so we don’t visit much anymore. But I wouldn’t really want to visit anyway now tbh.


They talk funny? You sound exactly the same to me :joy: How do they talk differently? I honestly cant tell the difference.
Also, I had never heard of Quokkas until you mentioned them just now! OMG they are sooo cute :heart_eyes: Quokkas for life! :smiley:

How come? Because of the hurricane? Has Puerto Rico still not recovered from that? Honestly, I know very little about it.


Lol they are so different. We say fish and chips, they say fush ind chups. Biiiigggg difference lol.

Yeah they only live on a small island off the coast of Perth, Rottnest (Rat’s nest in Dutch, cos apparently Quokkas resemble giant rats lol). People think koalas are cute, they have nothing on quokkas


Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Israel, Italy


holy shit those are adorable

yeah, they’re still suffering from the damages. So kinda not the place to be.


Born in South Korea, temporarily lived in Vancouver, Canada, then immigrated to US and lived in Washington State, New York, and now DC. Expecting to move to Melbourne, AUS later this year! I wish I traveled more for fun/vacation/work. But ya girl’s got bills to pay and my work keeps me locally based.


Nice, haven’t been to Melbourne myself, but the shopping and culture is good, I’ve heard. Get ready for the bipolar weather though!


Why did you choose to move to Australia, may I ask? :slight_smile:


Since I’ll be moving by myself, I wanted to reduce SOME stress in settling down elsewhere by moving to an English speaking country. I was in between Canada and Australia because they both were well advanced in the industry I wanted to be in (tech/engineering) and seemed to offer great lifestyles. It seemed from my research that Australia had more job opportunities in my field and Canada - although a great place to live - didn’t have a welcoming job market compared to those open to native Canadians. I also prefer warmer temperatures!


I was very surprised when I learned how small the population is of Canada. A lot of Canada seems to be wide open spaces with not much there. Quite strange.
Actually, I imagine Australia is pretty much the same seeing as much of the middle part is apparently one massive desert :sweat_smile:


Canada and Australia a like - a large portion of their lands are uninhabitable. But their cities are plenty gorgeous. If it was JUST for nice views, I’d definitely choose Toronto, Canada!


The Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Antigua, Haiti, and a little bit of Canada.