Which Country Is Most Responsible For WW1?


I totally do not have an essay due in the near future about this, however, I am curious to hear the community’s thoughts on this topic.


You’d probably have to go with Austria or Serbia imo… WW1 would have happened at the start of any European war as the nature of alliances and colonies would have involved a majority of the world some way or another.


Tbh I’d say it was Austria’s/ Germany’s fault. If Germany didn’t pledge their support for Austria none of it would have happened (at that time, as @hotsauce2910 said, with all the alliances and crap, any little war would have set off a world war.)


Interesting, so you guys don’t really blame Russia that much for provoking Austria in terms of promoting Slavic Nationalism and amassing troops near the border?


I’m gonna be totally not helpful and say that they are all to blame, all the major players were uptight empires spoiling for a fight, in many ways a war was inevitable. I honestly don’t know if I could pick one.

If you have to blame someone for instigating the crisis, it is Serbia or Austria. But blaming them for the entire war is misleading and unfair, especially considering they were not (especially in Serbia’s case) the most powerful nation/states in Europe. WWI was essentially one big game of “mines bigger than yours.” Russia did not need to intervene, nor Germany, nor Britain or France.

I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but in Australia WWI is glorified as the war that defined us, we’re essentially taught that there were good guys (Britain/France/Russia/US) and bad guys (Germany/Austria/Turkey etc). WWI is the kind of war that makes one want to be a pacifist, it shows the utter futility and meaningless of war (personally I do think there are situations where war is a necessary evil, such as WWII, but as a matter of principle I do not agree with it). For years now I I have seen WWI as a point where humanity took a step backwards. No-one “won” WWI, everyone lost, some, more than others.


Yeah they were antagonizing in their way of doing stuff ( the Russians ) but if you, for some reason, had to wright an essay on which country/countries were most responsible, imo I still think it’s Germany and Austria. But @owainp is right, its really everyone’s fault and everyone got screwed.