Which Economic School of Thought Do You Belong To (Quiz)



Quite simple, and doesn’t include the newer schools of thought (including the one I subscribe to :confused:)

That being said, it’s a good starting point for anyone vaguely interested.

Post your results below

Am happy to (at least try to) explain the quiz questions/different schools of thought if need be.



I’m surprised mercantilism isn’t higher for you


Same honestly. But it makes sense to an extent considering the main reason I would support it is economic nationalism i.e. protectionism and trade surpluses.


I’m surprised that communist came so high.




Could you be any more all over the place there


And this is why I don’t like taking these bullshit tests.

Hail Marx.

That’s kind of like my entire approach to socialism itself, tbf.


That would be rather ironic based on his Anti-Semitism.


I had a feeling that I would fall under neoclassical


What is the difference between new-Keynesianism and classical Keynesianism?


Maybe its something you should look in to a little more.


Perhaps, if I had spare time. But based on what I know about it such as societal ownership of the means of production, I really wouldn’t consider myself in favor of it.


Not surprising. Neo-Keynesianism score is too high for my liking though.



Doesn’t overly surprise me as I’ve tried to take both neoclassical and new-Keyneisan (or what I know of it) into account in economics.


Mercantilism too low. My only beef with them is that wealth isn’t static and bimetallism is bad. Forex always dem/sup.

Otherwise, we need to fuck the Chinese over like in EU4. Let’s do it together baby.

Neocons and Chicago too high. Fuck off please. (How did I even get 80% on either with my merc so high?)


You’re a commie mate.

@Champion @Doctapper

new keynesian mercantalists unite



Why? Why do that?


I got 100% Neo-Keynesian but surprisingly less than 50% ‘New Keynesian’. What are their differences?