Which Economic School of Thought Do You Belong To (Quiz)


If I said that was a complicated question, would you know what I mean?
I would say I’m a masculine-presenting transfemme. If you’re not in tune with that sort of stuff, you’d interpret me as a male if you ever encountered me in person. If you are, you wouldn’t place me on the gender spectrum. Pick your flavor baby, I’m whatever you want me to be lmao.


Strawberry flavoured?


Pineapple, too.


Is bend over when i want you to one? lol




>I wish someone spoke to me like @Nationalist_Libertarian speaks to @Pan


That’s on the special menu.


Please, stay away from pizza



@Josh_Waller be prepared to spread your wealth


I don’t really know much about economics, but I am planning on learning more about it, so this will probably change a bit


Yeah you really need to get rid of that 100% Keynesian


#N e o c l a s s i c a l s y n t h e s i s