Which is Better?


This is driving me fcuking insane!

Judge it by this.

  1. Potential
  2. Twistes
  3. Interior
  4. Exterior



slams buzzer

What is an Sti.


me too me too. I voted that Also.

  1. Potential Not sure
  2. Twistes not sure
  3. Interior sti
  4. Exterior sti but evo front bumper and wing is hot!


funny I like evos

  1. Potential

~ The STi starts with 300 hp, 300 ft lbs.


Engine: 2.5-Liter DOHC aluminum-alloy 16-valve 4-cylinder horizontally opposed Subaru Boxer engine with Active Valve Control System (AVCS). Sodium-filled exhaust valves. Iridium spark plugs.

Drivetrain: Fully synchronized close-ratio 6-speed manual with clutch pedal-controlled starter interlock.

AWD: Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) AWD: Exclusive to the WRX STi. Features both manual and automatic modes, uses an electronically managed multi-plate transfer clutch in conjunction with a planetary gear-type center differential to control power distribution between the front and rear wheels. Normally, DCCD splits power 35% front and 65% rear. DCCD also features a helical-type limited-slip front differential and mechanical limited-slip rear differential.

~ The EVO starts with 276 hp 286 ft lbs.

Engine: Engine Type: Inline-4 Engine. Block: Cast Iron. Cylinder Head: Aluminum.
Drivetrain/AWD: Full-Time All-Wheel Drive with Active Center Differential, Front Helical Torque-Sensing Limited Slip Differential and a Rear Mechanical 1.5 Limited-Slip Differential.

  1. Twisties

Considering equal and good drivers:
~ The STi will pull .9x on the skippad.
~ The EVO will out pull it everytime.

  1. Interior

~ STi: STi-design front seats with fixed integrated head restraints and embroidered STi logos
~ EVO: Standard Fabric Customized RECARO® Front Sport Bucket Seats, optional Charcoal Leather-surfaced Customized RECARO® Front Sport Bucket Seats for the EVO 8.

  1. Exterior

Looks are completely subjective. The STi has a huge scoop for it’s TMIC, both cars have a huge wing which is actually functional. The STi comes with Silver or Gold BBS 17" rims, the EVO comes with silver Enkei 17" rims.


Re: RE: Which is Better?

If I were a ham and cheese sandwhich, no words could describe how pimp an Evo would be. It would be like a match made in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I’m not a ham and cheese sandwhich, so I would be a poser cruising around in a lunchbox. The Sti is pretty mean…and its easy on the eyes.


both are very close in numbers





I like evos more but the sti u posted has my favorite colr scheme


Honestly I can’t decide which one I would get.

But I think Mitsu will do that for me, since the company has lost something like 4 or 40 billion over the past two years, they might go belly up and get bought out.

That means no real warranty work for EVO and new Mitsu owners.

Hence… Subaru is the best in the game.


thats why he is a mod, thank you james.

o and never blue! everyone has blue!


I haven’t seen a blue WRX, STi or EVO around here.

I’ve seen black, silver, cashmere yellow and white WRXs, a silver and white STi and a red and black EVO.


Re: RE: Which is Better?

[quote=sp3nis]thats why he is a mod, thank you james.

o and never blue! everyone has blue![/quote]

This is so true. I have only seen 1 in person that was not blue.

I have begun putting my pennies back for my next car…here in a couple years I’m going to find a good used Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabirolet. I was going to save for a GT500…But I can’t resist Porsche…I love them…Oh man…I can get a used one for high 30’s low 40’s…with decent milage…

Back on topic…even though the blues are a dime a dozen, that’s still the color I would get. It’s sexah!


Evo MR comes with some more goodies, little quicker, speakers keyless entry, and a few mote things liek the teeth on the roof!

but evos and thier clutches suck, change the clutch line to a braided stainless one is needed. And i heard they has rust problems.

Now evo body is super hot, but my vote goes to the STi.


The EVO RS is the lightweight. It has no power options, no spoiler, removed unnecessary weight, etc. It’ll work over an STi.


Re: RE: Which is Better?

Yeah but if i was looking to buy a car, id want power stuff. I think the extra 50lbs is worth being able to roll down your windows with a button.


if i was going to make it an all out autoX car, I’d buy the RS.


Re: RE: Which is Better?

i need to go fast out of the hole, straight line. ppl dont race autox everyday :banana


i saw a red evo just like that in person yesterday at work. it was quite though (i expected it to sound fartcanny) it was sweet looking and acceled pretty dern quick as it left the parking lot.

i love the blue color schemes :smiley: (i love the sti a lot- i would own one… AWD)

i like interior of sti more, exterior of both…


whats going on with mitsubishi that they are losing so much money?