Which show do you find the funniest


Which one do you like better. Which ones more comical?
I prefer Family Guy. I love Stewie.
I really dont care for the Simpsons.


i used to love the simpsons, i mean i still do… but family guy has them beat


Ive always been hooked into simpsons, i have seen every episode, i record them on my tivo, and i still like them better then family guy, but i watch them both!


the simpsons…hence my dads nickname…hahaha…he’s a better dad than homer though


family guy by far.


family guy by just a hair… :tard


simpsons for sure but i never saw a full episode of family guy. i like that new cartoon out. i forget what its called but that is some funny shit.


Had to change my avvy to show my support for the simpsons lol

Edit: the picture is from teh episode when homer screws over a fortune teller, and she puts a curse on anyone he loves, and they all turn out like that


I dont watch cartoons but our 9 year old loves stewi :dunno


I watch them both but family guy is the best.


Family Guy. I watched The Simpson all my life though. Every day after school they were on at 6, 6:30, then Seinfeld was on at 7 then Simpsons were on again at 7:30. Plus Sunday nights the new episodes. But now Family Guy is making me laugh harder.


neither. Aqua Teen Hunger Force ownz all!!


i voted for family guy, though the simpsons still has its moments…
someone mentioned another cartoon thatsout now - were you talking about american dad? cuz i hate that one… hehe, i just dont laugh.

so yeah - family guy , though i feel like this season it has gotten a lot weirder than it used to be…


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family guy ownz


sweet another minitrucker ^