Which side of the Force?


Another Star Wars post, woo! Which side of the Force do you think you would choose? Personally I can see myself being more of a greyish Jedi or even falling in the Dark side. The Grey, because I can maybe have good intentions or do things for the greater good. The Dark, because I have a bad habit of being led by my emotions. Also the dark side , because being led by emotions, I do things to get back and cross those who cross me. Which is dumb(somewhat), but whatever.

But anyway, what can you see yourself choosing?


the light and dark side of the force are social constructs



Very well.


The Dark Side because they’ve seemed to take a page from Nietzsche’s book.


I could see myself as a sort of Revan figure… moves from light to dark and then back to the light. But if I had to pick one, light ftw. There is no passion, there is only peace.


I would be edgy and say gray Jedi, but I’d say I’m more light than middle or dark.


believing in Hokey religions and ancient weapons

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