Which Type of Player Are You?


Apparently most multiplayer gamers fit into one of four categories- Achievers, Explorers, Socializers, and Killers.

Playing WoW when I was 11, I would spend my time exclusively running around mapping areas higher than my level, and any game I get into I try to uncover every path. So I’d say I’m fairly square in the explorer category. My little brother, who loves Rust, is almost certainly a killer from the way I see him play.

What player type do you fit into?


I’m totally an Explorer


Rust <3333


Possibly from my start in playing Pokemon, I am an achiever.

I must do as many quests as I can, get as many achievements…

Basically - I gotta’ catch 'em all!


So at first I thought I might be an achiever, as I remember, when playing WoW (for only a couple of months, being satisfied by nothing else than levelling up. However, after watching the video I realised I was actually in the explorer category. The only reason why I loved levelling up and completing quests in WoW was to be able to access new areas - I don’t care about leaderboards.

I also love Skyrim, and in those kind of games I complete the tutorial section and then never make it to Riverrun. I just can’t wait to see what the world has to offer. Whether that’s randomly stumbling across a mine, some random enemies to kill, or just some random side plot line.

When I play prison architect I try to see what crazy stuff I can do.

So, I’m an explorer.


Generally speaking I’m a mix between Achiever and Explorer, though more inclined towards achiever.

I don’t really play MMORPGs at all and the multilayer games I do play tend to be shit like battlefield or chivalry so I don’t think these categories would apply much there, but for the ones I used to play (such as ye olde Runescape) I was an Explorer (used to love going to that wild land thing to the north where you got fucked up by anything you come across just to see what was there).

On games I frequently play such as Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4 I am mostly an achiever, I always want to do side quests to see more of the game but very soon I veer off into doing the main quest because I want to complete the game, even on replays (and believe me I have a lot on these two lol).

As for something like Metal Gear Solid 5 I think they really tried to appeal to achievers and explorers by making it open world and literally showing you the percentage of game completed, then giving you lots to try and do in a mission to complete it, as well as side ops. They don’t like killers (muh demon snake) and socialisers are crippled (if you really want to count FOBs and MGO as socialisers), this is probably one of the reasons why I consider it one of my top games of all time (controversial I know).

Even in a game like Civilization I’m an achiever - I pick the Civ I want based on the victory type I want and basically focus entirely only that for the game, meaning I only really become a “killer” if I choose domination lmao, I don’t interact with many game mechanics outside of “what will make me win”.

This is quite an interesting video considering at an abstract level most people just consider gaming a relaxing pastime and base player actions on personality, but the psychology of simply how you play a game is very interesting in itself.

Even as I type this I realise even chivalry fits in this afterall - achievers just want to play and be top of the leaderboard, explorers want to find vantage points on the map (usually glitches), socialisers just hang together and talk in the text chat instead of actually playing (or just decide to duel), and killers just go round and kill without considering the other options (basically an achiever who doesn’t care about the socialisers and thus doesn’t leave them alone lmao).


I start off achiever, by quickly leveling up then I get bored and end up just being a socialiser.

Basically because I get bored easily.


Explorer most likely.

I don’t bother to explore for the sake of exploring (though I’m happy to do so every now and then), but I do explore for the sake of finding good story or information about the world around me. As the video on it alludes to, I’d rather level up for the purpose of roaming the world unhindered and finding all the niche parts of a story than I would just for the purpose of maximising my level or something. I don’t really care for achievements, and I’m also not massively into multiplayer games usually.


definitely a socializer from the amount of rp pussy i slay


byeah, stupid jokes aside I probably fall into the achiever category. like, grinding and doing the same thing over and over again is oddly entertaining for me (within reason). I fucking pressed the space bar 800 times in tempo in HLD to get an outfit.

Over spring break a bunch of my friends and I decided we wanted to play minecraft for some reason. Most of them focuses pretty heavily on building cool houses, getting to the nether, finding strongholds and water dungenons. That sort of thing. Meanwhile I would just mine. A lot. Getting full diamond gear took under an hour for me. The most exploring I did was me trying to find a place far away enough so that I could fuck with people’s shit while keeping my stuff safe. I guess I fall into killer a bit to then.


My computer can run DOOM on ultra at 60fps but I can’t run Rust on the lowest settings above 30 fps, quickest game refund


I wrote a paper on this. Worst subject ever.


Do you even computer bruh?