While i was gone


last week (sat the 2nd- today) i was on vacation at the beach (Hitlon Head Island, SC). what can i say, the chicks loved the stang. every night me and the friend i was staying with would hit it off with some girls and then theyd be like, “so what kind of car do you drive?” i would say and the chicks were all on it like, “well, can i see it…” so girls in the car, fogging up my windows :rock … joyrides… all leading back to a walk on this golfcourse and extreme makeout sessions and fireworks

BTW, im 16 and we scored 3 groups of 16 yr olds, a group of 17 yr olds and a group of 18 yr olds :cool


nice…good times playa


Sweet! Ahhhh, to be young again. :booze