White face gauges yo


yep my gauges are coming in thursday. they are white face with 6 color to choose from backlights (im choosing blue as my setting). got them for 45 bucks from mustangtuning.com

hard install? they come with instructions, and ill need a torx bit to remove the cluster, the lens… so how many of yall have done it? i think it will look awesome when done. hard part will be putting needles back on correctly i think.

ill install them friday night- maybe, or saturday if im not working.
ill take pics too.

BTW, whats the best method for removal of the headlight knob?


If i pull my headlight knob too hard it comes off. Don’t know if that’s the proper way though.


i know there is a clip inside the shaft. i just dont know the proper way to disengage the clip :dunno


Hey Blue… when you get that installed let me know. I have the same thing with Blue backlighting, but I think there is a short in it because the Blue backlighting has only come on once and only for a few minutes. It looks good as hell though. I gotta finger out what is wrong and see if I can fix it.


ill be doin the instal this weekend sometime when im off work. ill kep yall posted.


do they make gauges with black faces with white illumination? i think that would be cool too


my guages in my car are black, or charcoal grey… whatever you wanna call them. I kinda like the black look, thats why i didn’t go to white face. Although a different color other than green would be nice for illumination


^^ I agree.

I think the white gauges would look weird with the rest of my dash being charcoal gray or whatever. Too bad they don’t make the cool gauges in stock color.


Re: RE: white face gauges yo



2 days later- OUT OF STOCK! :wtf

i want a refund bishes