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This is me.


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That’s not you, your a dorky looking Iraqi looking kid. :wtf


Re: RE: Who are you?

hrmm nooo


wellmatt i know you arent married and have 3 kids hehehe :smiley:


hrmm nooo[/quote]

Who am I thinking of? :wtf


Re: RE: Who are you?

your right its two


Right i know you must be drinking hehehehe :banana :banana



hey tazzy, apparently i do think :lol

except that the middle initial is a, mine isnt a



HAHA I wrote a sex article. :open_mouth:


My current relationship is both body-fluid-monogamous and polyamorous

eww verni thats gross, so joe gets to sleep with other women and you sleep with other girls. sounds kinda sketchy. Vern>>>:spank<<<>> :humpnana


lol…I didnt read the article so I didnt know it said that! lol


oh well you should probly read the articles you write :dunno



i can’t find my name on this list anywhere, but this is what pops up… the crazy thing about it is that my family is from that part of PA. i was also born there. good old Altoona, Pa… weird…


There are a million people with my exact same name.