Who believes in ghosts

How many people here believe in ghosts? You don’t have to be a religious nut to believe in the paranormal and an after life.

I don’t personally believe in them.

Its hard for me to blieve in things that dont exist.

I believe. :nod:

That is the thing you have no way of proving they don’t.

Nobody has any proof that they do exist.:stuck_out_tongue: Thats proof enough for me

And thanks for giving the undecided vote a nod :smiley:

I believe in the possiblity of ghosts (which to me is different the choices listed).

Nope. it’s a possibility, but one I doubt

Ive seen some strage shit happen before… Im not kidding, you can ask Fw im not into believing funky shit like that but the things IIm talking about have stuck in my mind since i was a child.

they would be long stories and ive no real eviidence to prove them right NOR wrong but i know what I saw and i wasnt the only one in that small town that saw the same thing. (long story)

I think the only way for a person to believe in them is for a person to have a personal experience with them. I don’t think anyone can truly not believe in them. unless if they have visited several ‘haunted’ places and never had a real experience. I’m undecided, because I haven’t tested any ‘haunted’ areas or had a personal experience with one.

I’ve seen some strange shit happen. I dont believe in ghosts as in dead people floting about though, more as unexplained natural phenomenon.