Who brought spandex/leotards back

LOL I’ve seen an on going trend with some 20 something folk where the spandex or just leotard pants have come back into fashion with the 80s style mini skirt… I kind of find it amusing.

long live hair metal:rockon:

on chicks not dudes…

i like that style…but not on fat people…not a good look…


rock chicks:rockon:

every chick wore spandex in the 80s from pop, hip hop, to rock LMFAO

Madonna did. Yet she just THINKS she;s a 20 something, and goes out with 20 something blokes

yea but rock chicks wore it better:D

…be lots of camel toes if spandex is in again:ninja:24:

WHY YES, yes there would be:D

Like leggings? I have some. Haven’t worn them in a while though. Girls here where them with those Nike shorts, and Ugg boots. I have a picture somewhere I think. Let me see if I can find it

Gym clothes.