Who hates Mustangs and loves a Dodge truck?


I just think that it is wrong to run a Mustang site when you hate Ford and love trash like a Dodge truck. Its pretty bad when you tell everyone on a Mustang site that you run all about it. MF is really messed up now. When I frist went there it was cool. Know there is to much BS there. You can’t even type in a word like BS anymore. I go there sometimes to talk about my 66. I can’t really do that on MM. I think I am the onlyone that has a 66 Mustang on this site. This site is way cooler then a BS site that is messed up. Thank you Joe for starting up this site for us. Thank you, thank you.


Wait till Joe gets MM going full swing. Hope it’s soon!! :agree


yes hopefully will be ready by the end of the week, most of the bugs are worked out. Just have to finish building the site to wrap the forums and get some content.


Horseshoeing, think of it like this… Amanda is an employee. And just like at other jobs, you dont always like the product. She doesnt OWN the site. Ralph does. :slight_smile:


I don’t think Amanda is good for that site.All she wants to do is make more rules. She needs to talk to the person that is doing want she don’t like and tell them. If they don’t do what she wants then BAN them. If the chat on the offtopic fourm and she tells them to cool it and they don’t, BAN them. what she does is make a new rule. I know sometimes you have to make new rules, but over there it bad. Do you think that Amanda is goto to Ban me for saying this? I don’t care anymore.


Banned :fu :funnah :rofl


fug them all…


Not Banned yet :smiley:


still waiting to see him get banned


Booze has the ban button over there now don’t he? :booze


yes he does