Who is this?

Anyone have a clue who the girl in this pic is. I’d offer a prize but I think the pic is a prize in itself…


She is pretty even with that tiny zit on her chin.

First post… and your showing this picture…

waits for the person to post a link…

finger on ban button

Tap… Tap… Tap…

[quote=“vshayes, post: 1098916”]FIrst post… and your showing this pictures…

waits for the spam bot to post a link…

finger on ban button[/quote]Wow your ontop of things!
You must be at work and bored!

[quote=“vshayes, post: 1098916”]FIrst post… and your showing this pictures…

waits for the spam bot to post a link…

finger on ban button[/quote]

There’s no ? marks up there but I’ll take them as questions anyway.

Answer to 1st question: Yes

Answer to 2nd question: I’m not sure I know what a spam bot is but it sounds like something I don’t wanna mess with.

Answer to 3rd question: What have I done wrong to deserve a ban? (See what I did there…answering a none-question with a question…I’m just mad like that)

Normally “spam bots” post pictures, then links then to other sites… that is not allowed on our site… if u are for real, then welcome to the site.

Sorry for the confusion. Suppose it’s a bit lame to post a pic like this as a 1st post but thought someone here may know. I’ve browsed this forum before and now I’m here I’m sure I’ll have more constructive posting in the future.

ps- but seriously does anybody know?

Who is it suppose to be? U?

So erm wander what language other than english do you speek?

pourquoi demandez vous?

OWWWWWWWWWWW love it haha havent a frigin clue who she is push the button V lmao

I haven’t got a clue who she is. Can you tell us now? Then can you ask us another question, preferably a really thought provoking one which means we all have to pull together and use all of our brain cells to answer correctly I would appreciate that. Thanks.

No problem. There shall be a new thread with thought provoking question lickidsplit.

ps- I don’t know who she is…that’s why I’m asking

If you check the properties, that link leads to a foreign forum.

Great detective work there Spring. Don’t understand the language but tiz a start. ty

No no no, for you to have got that picture you would have had to go on that forum. Now surely you would know who that person was because presumably that person posted that picture on there, you must therefore have some form of access to that person, therefore you must know who that is.

Yea thats why i ased what other langueages he speaks, because if he could read that forum he would find out who it was :slight_smile:

Woops, didn’t see that.

I think it just a forum poster just like all off us who posted up a photo on a forum