Who needs an offense


who needs an offense when your special teams and defense score for you… :rock :rock i know some of you watched the game last night… steelers looked pretty good. i am still worried about big ben though… i hope pulls his head out of his ass this season. the defense can only save his ass so much… i was happy with the steelers play!!!


It is real nice to have a your special teams and defense score for you, but they can not do it all of the time and win games for you all of the time. You need a offense.


dont know what you are talking about. lol


That was incredible. Halfway through the second it was 21-7 and the offense had 29 yards…


V, doesn’t joe watch any football??? its all good. my girl still doesn’t know what a touchdown is or how many points it worth…

dt3, i had just opened my beer and sat it on the table. not even a second after sitting down, i was in the air after the first mcnabb pass/interception/williams touchdown happened… i think it was a whole 20sec into the game… i was going crazy, even though it is only a preseason game…