Who wants a sig?


anyone who wants one made just post up some pics and ill throw one together for you, then we can get a seperate chop shop section :smiley:


I want one! :smiley:




ha whats up 4fit? man people here dont seem as interested in havin kickass sigs :wtf maybe they will start to like them but i need you because im not sure if anyone else on here can make them… and that means no competition :blah


Well if your offerin to do sigs, ied love one, with this pic


Black or dark reds and black backrounds, PhillyBlunt474 in a cool font im not very picky

you can use the same size as your sig if ya want i dont care



comin right up man


ok fixed the link


here ya go man, make sure you let everyone know where they can come to get one made


Awesome guy! :rock I wish I had the talent for potoshop that joos guys got. :smiley:


Re: RE: who wants a sig?

man about a month ago i sucked ass at it lol, but i just hung out on alotta sites… like http://www.johanschats.nl/forum/index.php where people only talk aobut photoshop and graphic design, and learned from some of the best on MF (JonBeast, 4fit?, and Scar) its really not that hard once you start using ps alot… just make some up and post them in this new chop shop section and people will give you suggestions on how to make them better.


wow looks amazing man thanks alot!


n/p man… cmon theres gotta be some more people that want them done? or anyone who wants to post some of their own work? i think im going to start a feedback thread, where you can post some of your pictures / photoshop work and have other people rate it and give you suggestions


Good job saj. That’s pretty darn spiffy. You making your own backgrounds now? If so, what brush set did you use on that one?


yea ive been making them, on that one i used actually about 5 different sets, hairdirtionion, crackedwall, ps7spread, strange, and they are all buy vered :dunno i forget where i got them from though.

by the way those 2 new sigs of yours are pretty sick looking :rock


hey saj, wanna do me a quick favor, wanna take the sig you made me and make andother just saying Depo1 instead of phillyblunt474



here ya go


Well, good job on the brushings. Look real nice.


thanks saj


Nice looking sigs! It’s cool how all you guys have different techniques and styles. Like my sig is early scarface. I’ve kept it because it’s way dif from my style.




just two pics i took today :smiley:


so im guessin nobody wants to do mine :dunno