Who will win the next UK General Election?


Which Party will win the most constituencies at the next General Election?

  • Conservative
  • Labour

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The momentum appears to be with Corbyn. Even if the mainstream media want it so badly not to be.


It’s years before the next one Alex, Corbyns victory depends on 2 factors , how much May screws the pooch on brexit, and May being may.


I think you can always count on May being May. But you are right, its not easy to predict.

What do you think?


The right wing knows she is a massive screw up basically, and a huge portion of her party do not trust her, they are now dealing with the constant threat of a large scale party rebellion/leadership vote. If this rebellion faction succeeds in ousting her then it’s plausible they will end up with someone far more competent, a problem as such an individual would be able to recover some of the damage they have taken from May’s literal stupidity (what the fuck was trying to ban encryption?)


I find it very strange that a large amount of people in this country believe that there is nobody in the Conservative PLP to replace her. Thankfully, that silly line of thought has become less popular since Justine Greening resigned from the government.

I think Theresa May is just very bad at seeming like a real human. And ever since she lost the election her awkwardness has shone through. She cant go off-script without saying something that sounds totally fake (probably because it is).