Who will win the next US Presidential election?


Who will win the next US Presidential election?

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I dont believe that the Democrats have learned the lessons from the last time around. I keep hearing about possible Democratic candidates such as Oprah or Zuckerburg but these people offer nothing but the same old Democratic talking points with the face of a celebrity.
Donald Trump didnt win because he was a celebrity. He won because he talked like a real person and gave hope that there would be real change if he were elected.

The Democrats need a radical candidate if they are going to stand a chance. But, since the election, the Democrats have done nothing but consolidate the power of the establishment within their own Party.


I mean, there’s still time. Trump was a surprise for the republicans, maybe the dems can get someone.


Everything the Democrats have done so far indicates that they will be going with an establishment Democrat or, at least, and establishment Democratic platform.

What kind of candidate do you think would give them the best chance against Trump?
Do you think that Trump will even run again?


Yeah but that was the same with republicans until trump just busted through like the kool-aid man. So it may seem like that now but it’s up for grabs.
I have no idea who could run against Trump and win, I would say maybe Bernie but idk. He’s old, and doesn’t really give an aura of like confidence. Maybe Biden, I feel like he might have a better chance than bernie. But again, never know.
Tbh it might be another Trump v. Hillary election again (because trump is defo gonna try to stay in office and hillary is hillary.)


Haha yeah that actually wouldnt even be surprisisng :joy:


Ikr. And okay that’s pretty good but:



If it was Hillary vs Trump again, Trump would definitely win again though.


Oh definitely lol. Especially since she was all about how “Trump better accept who becomes president” and then went all like “Here’s 13 reasons why I lost.” Ofc her issues on policy affect her but like, I think the hypocrisy will be a major argument against her. She can try and run, but I think it’d be hard for her to get support now. This is her 2nd failed attempt lol. If she were to run again, there’d be “3rd time’s a charm” jokes galore. Or jokes like “I’m with her!..Again!” “Let’s Make ‘With Her’ Great Again!” It’s way more likely Bernie or Biden running, and if that happens it’ll prob be biden who gets the DNC’s nomination.


I’m voting for Gary Johnson again, even if I have to write the guy in. He’s a legend.


big oof.


Doubtful. Trump was a populist. He promised to help people with industrial jobs and he didn’t do much of anything for them. That was what swung them off from the usual democratic trends which they had been following, but so far trump’s actions haven’t really garnered too much popularity among them. If the democrats put up a candidate with less dirt than Hillary who promises at least some reform they’ll have it in the bag. The republicans could always challenge the incumbent. It’s not common, but it is possible, in which case it’s a toss-up


Really? I mean, I kinda agree with you, but I feel like it might be hard to run against Trump. I think maybe Biden, but I don’t think the dems are really able to win this next one. There’s still quite some time though lol. Thing can change.


The only type of legend he is, is a legendary moron


They need either Sanders or Warren to win, they’re the only democrats promising real economic change, which is what Americans need very urgently.


Both populists, eh? And socialists are glorified populists, lets face it. I think we need someone who wants those reforms but is able to keep a cool head about it and work things out. We don’t need a maverick, we need someone like Teddy Roosevelt


I couldn’t agree more.


I see what you mean… but there aren’t really any Democrats who are promising radical change who aren’t Sanders or Warren. I also think that if Trump runs again, the only people who will be able to defeat him are other populists, and left- wing populists at that.


Change must be done carefully. There must always be checks and balances in place


Well that’s all very well but when people are in poverty because the government is taking no action to deal with that, just working in favour of the corporations and against the people, gradual change doesn’t work. Also people evidently vote for candidates who promise large amounts of change, not incremental change that can easily be repealed.