Who will win the next US Presidential election?


honestly i just cant wait to move out of this country lol


Why? The workers are doing most of the work- they’re making the goods after all. Investors contribute nothing to the goods or the profits, they simply look out for themselves- as long as their goods are making them money, they don’t care if they contribute to society or not. Business owners are marginally better I suppose, they have some sort of direct link with the products/goods, but they still contribute little to the creating of the product.


Why? It protects workers and stops them living off starvation wages. It’s not inhibiting, or threatening your freedom. The only freedom it is inhibiting is the business owners freedom to manipulate and harm it’s workers


Last time someone tried to pull off a system like this we had mass murder in Russia, Cambodia, China, Most Soviet influenced African states, Vietnam, and Germany. The problem is you try to be so altruistic and you want to force business owners to be altruistic as well. Not everyone starts a business to feed people, most people do it to feed themselves and their family. Starvation wages is a new one, I for one support a labor union to fix that, not a whole government coming in and forcing everything to be redistributed.


Investors provide the funds for resources and supply to get those businesses off the ground. They deserve a moderate amount of return on investment otherwise they won’t invest and innovation will stall


Either the dems run a progressive or they lose.


Considering how many of Trump’s supporters got screwed over by him I doubt he’ll win back the Midwest, giving the dems an edge. They just need to feel a decent candidate with charisma and, ya know, ETHICS!


It doesn’t matter, because it will be the Business Party winning.


Business isn’t inherently evil. The issue right now is the stranglehold that elites have over the markets , govt, small businesses, and consumers. Free market doesn’t work when its hijacked by oligarchs. Athenian Market Democracy couldn’t have worked during the Aristocratic period


I was leaning towards Republicans but in the end I’m going to have to say the Democrats that is to say that they run a candidate that focus on economic issues unlike the last time around where they only focused on social issues. I live in a conservative leaning district and even here there is a lot of controversy surrounding Trump especially surrounding economic issues. Taxes were raised over here because of Trump’s tax plan and his attacks on health care is raising premiums here too.