Who will win the next US Presidential election?



I dont believe that the Democrats have learned the lessons from the last time around. I keep hearing about possible Democratic candidates such as Oprah or Zuckerburg but these people offer nothing but the same old Democratic talking points with the face of a celebrity.
Donald Trump didnt win because he was a celebrity. He won because he talked like a real person and gave hope that there would be real change if he were elected.

The Democrats need a radical candidate if they are going to stand a chance. But, since the election, the Democrats have done nothing but consolidate the power of the establishment within their own Party.
Everything the Democrats have done so far indicates that they will be going with an establishment Democrat or, at least, and establishment Democratic platform.

What kind of candidate do you think would give them the best chance against Trump?
Do you think that Trump will even Preformatted textrun again?
Yeah but that was the same with republicans until trump just busted through like the kool-aid man. So it may seem like that now but it’s up for grabs.
I have no idea who could run against Trump and win, I would say maybe Bernie but idk. He’s old, and doesn’t really give an aura of like confidence. Maybe Biden, I feel like he might have a better chance than bernie. But again, never know.
Tbh it might be another Trump v. Hillary election again (because trump is defo gonna try to stay in office and hillary is hillary.)


I feel strongly like a youngish person (between 35-50) who worked closely under Bernie will rise up and carry his torch in terms of democratic candidates


Seems reasonable enough. I feel like someone who balances the Neoliberal/Moderate Democrats and the Populist progressive Berniecrats with some liberal social policies (abolition of private prisons, legalized weed and prostitution, etc.) would have the best shot. Closest person I can think of would be Kristen Gilibrand.


Populist left policies championed by Berniecrats have immense popular support, even such ideas as government job guarantees and public provision of the internet. The majority of the population supports universal healthcare, and healthcare is shown to frequently be at the forefront of many Americans’ minds. Bernie Sanders is the most popular senator in America, and one of the most popular politicians in the US in general. A populist left candidate, if allowed to run (i.e. corporate democrats aren’t able to suppress the populist wing or find it unwise) would probably have a good shot at the presidency.


I would mostly agree; however we also need someone who is economically pragmatic. Universal healthcare is expensive, and that money is going to have to come from somewhere. Increasing corporate tax isn’t going to be good for the economy, though increasing income tax on the 1% and cutting the power of the Military Industrial Complex would definitely help w/o negatively impacting the economy


I don’t know who will win the next Presidential election, but I hope it’s not Donald Trump again.


Aye agree