Who would buy this


My husband engineered a part that is a VERY easy fix to the Mustang idle hang. I guess thats what its called. I’ve seen people cutting and replacing all sorts of stuff. This can be installed in about 2 mins…and uninstalled in about 2 mins as well. It works great.

One…is this something that you would need/want/buy?

Two…how much would you pay.

If people will buy those “nos” kits for a joke…wouldnt they buy a real working part. I need to find a way to get it patented.


lost me… hanging idle? if it is a good piece, patent it quick


Never heard of a problem with the “Mustang idle hang”.


Re: RE: Who would buy this…

in other words, it just turns off when it goes to the idling state…

thats what this sexy beast ( look at sig ) did when i started her up… it could stay on if i gassed it, but if i let off the brake it would die down and turn off…

unless im talking about a different problem…


my car idles at about 1200rpms when i start it then about 5 seconds or so later it drops to 700 or so rpms. is this what you are talking about? it isnt a big deal to me b/c i dont idle unless i just got done working on my car, reset the comp, and start it to run for a sec while i finish cleaning up the shop…


she means that compared to a carb, these cars don’t drop back to idle quickly because of the IAC. It’s just a restrictor plate that closes the half inch hole for the IAC down to about a half inch. The Mach has 2 holes but the GT only has one. You can do it by sticking a half inch copper pipe cap in the IAC hose…with a quarter inch hole in the pipe cap.


Look at chew with the info!


there was a guy on modular depot tying to market those as well…


I will stick with the plain old carb


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you should never fuck with the IAC plate i had a huge debate on this on the mach1 registry on how it can harm you car.


I guess I was right. :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana


When the valves close and the IAC released the pressure still inside the intake if the hole is to small then it will find other ways for the air to get out. It’s like not having a BOV on a turbo. They designed them that way for a reason. I wouldn’t mess with the idle return. You’re limiting air release. Running WOT and returning the engine to idle really soon is also hard on the rods and crank cause your slowing the momentum down so fast. That’s another reason ford has the idle return slow… not to mention why would you want it to begin with? You want you RPM to drop a lot each shift? Actually that’s where the excess air goes, into the valve covers. Blow valve cover gaskets and etc. cause of the PCV line that’s on the intake manifold. That and the EGR is its only other exhaust points. The intake pressure has to exhaust somewhere

lmao copied and pasted from my friend that is a ford mech.


Why would you want that? I am with you sp3nis. Why? If it was a diesel in a big rig, you could shift faster.


Well I dunno anything about why you would or wouldnt or where it goes. I do remember seeing people talk about it and it sounded like to me it was an emission thing. I also saw stories of people cutting this pipe, and cutting that.

Guess I wont try to market them?? :dunno

Thanks for the input though.


people will buy anything. you might want to give it a try


people already buy it there is a million of them on ebay, and car forums.
just wouldnt see me risking my car, to fix a slow rpm “problem”.

by all mines im not trying to be negative to you, just that other ppl sell a plate that does this. and there has been huge debates about it.


I was thinking about selling pet rocks on ebay.


that was so 10 yrs ago