Why do assholes live forever?


I love the way Carly thinks… I owe her reps


[quote=“rback33, post: 1968492”]I love the way Carly thinks… I owe her reps[/QUOTE]

I got her for you…w/ my super powerful admin rep. :wink:


Just seems to be how the world works dude.


[quote=“Natasha, post: 1968493”]I got her for you…w/ my super powerful admin rep. ;)[/QUOTE]

Show off! lmao


I rather live a short honorable life
than a long lived life of regret and hate
"may you live forever" a curse on the wicked


everytime i read this thread the song ‘who wants to live forever’ runs through my head.


…but yes i do find the shitheads of the world live he longest or have the least issues in life. Really annoys me considering i try to be a really good person and all i ever get is pain.


Really irritating people won’t go away and won’t stay buried.


[quote=“AUFred, post: 1968498”]Really irritating people won’t go away and won’t stay buried.[/QUOTE]

is that why you keep hitting me with a shovel?


[quote=“Codrus, post: 1968484”]“Why do Assholes live forever?”

we are a gift…you should feel lucky to have been visited by an asshole,…a test of your metal in a sense, oh we can be difficult and at times intolerable…but if you learn to deal with the assholes life is so much easier,…you should thank an asshole for being an asshole the next time you are visited by an asshole, just when you think your about to lose it…shake the assholes hand and say “I would like to thank you for being such an asshole!”…be sincere.
i have found that this approach works for dealing with more than just assholes…it works for Dumbass’s, Fucktards etc.
on a side note, if you continually use this approach you will gain a position of high regard amongst assholes nationwide…not to mention how the general public will view you.

…and besides,…you cant honestly tell me or anyone that you yourself have never been an asshole to anyone, at any time, nor ever will be in the future (not directed at anyone in particular just a generalization )[/QUOTE]

:fing27Fuck you Asshole:fing27:D:p:24:

I only say that to a real friend.:wink:


It’s a test. That’s what I tell myself everytime I see our aged neighbour from hell anyway.


I agree, I consider myself a person that makes an attempt to treat people good. What I experience present day. Nasty jealous evil people. What is it, every ahole comes near me. So very sick and tired of it really. I look well for my age an try to remain positive. Bad luck and a crappy life for me. A jerk end s up with a great life.