Why don't the management care about the users?


Whilst I agree with you on the word issue, not all people think like that. To a lot of people, words offend them and they see certain words as offensive to others. We’re trying to cater for as many views as possible, without our users and potential users being insulted.


When you have to be allowed to do something that’s clear evidence that it’s questionable to use the term. Did they “allow” you to use “nigga” or “nigger?”


Words are very, very powerful. Obama and Trump are clear examples of this.


I wouldn’t say they allowed me to. They obviously just weren’t very offended by it and I, as well as others, often joked around with them about their race. As they did my race. It’s about having a sense of humor. Within the first week of working at a company my Hispanic coworker Alex and I were already able to joke about that. Even barely knowing him I made a racist comment and he was not offended whatsoever, but laughed.


You did say they allowed you to though.

Regardless that’s one person. The next 10 you could get difference responses from.


Well I have more Hispanic friends but I am just saying its whether or not you have a sense of humor.


When you graduate and get an amazing job (I say that because even if we have our differences I think you’re very intelligent, as most people her are), I want you to come back and let me know if your employer thinks this type of stuff is funny or even allows it.


Seeing as I am going into the Navy, they will probably not formally allow it. Regardless, these jokes and terms are used.


lmfao these words are ingrained in my vernacular. I use them jokingly with friends who they’d apply to all the time. It’s not my fault you’re a beta with a fear of offending minorities.


For me, yeah. I’m bisexual myself and make use of the terms, and around friends of an ethnic minority background I continue to use those terms too. The fact they’re controversial terms doesn’t exactly stop me from using them in my private life. I recognise why they’re considered offensive, but only under certain conditions do I stop using them, partly because (like @Shanknado) they’re ingrained in my vernacular. Same goes for why I use words like ‘cunt’ and whatnot despite the fact that there are other words I could use instead.


It’s all your fault. It really is.

That’s fine. They’re not ingrained in everyone else’s vernacular and that’s enough for me to make a decision on it.


attempt at making point that everyone is a keyboard warrior gets buttfucked
"o well that’s fine anyway guys! xd" and shifts the goal post

l e l


Wait wait wait, did the forum change ownership again? When? Why? lol, I’m so uninformed it hurts xD


Yes, the ownership was passed to @shaz.


This site changes owners like we change PMs.


Maybe. I feel like we’re all being a little harsh on Shaz here. He’s made some mistakes admittedly but he’s only been here for a very short amount of time. I wish everyone would just slow down and recognise that:
A) Shaz really isn’t that bad at all. He is really nice and I honestly believe he is doing the whole ban thing for the benefit of the site, not the disadvantage. He is coming around and starting to see everyone’s point of view and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed when the solution to all of this comes out.
B) Shaz does care for the welfare of the site
C) Shaz does appreciate everyone’s opinions




boo hoo you have to step on some people to get where you want. it’s not like most of the users on here are fucking kids (and by kids im not referring to age) without any formal experience in marketing and business.

this place is a fucking echo chamber. so much british oriented crap and regurgitated bs all over. no wonder the majority of the members are okay with slurs. they shaped the forum.

you don’t spend 17k on something without having a plan unless you’re literally retarded. not even as an exaggeration. literally you need have an iq below 60 to waste your capital so badly.


Similar procedure. The post you want to undelete should be in red in the thread. From there you can click the little bin icon in the bottom right and there should be an option to undelete. Alternatively, if you click the three dots, it should be there.


Done. Thanks for the lesson, will now know for the future.