Why don't the management care about the users?


I don’t see my posts back?


I saw that. Why do posts keep appearing and disappearing?


Had to scroll up. Didn’t realize you posted so many times. Should be fixed.


Thank you. I’m gonna repost it because it’s gotten so dragged up there.


"lol I found the sell page for YD (was on the first page of google for “youthdebates”)

Dylan really oversold us."


Again, it wasn’t me and now it’s been corrected.


I know who it was and its the fact that you didn’t have a problem with it until constant pressure was put on you.


Returns “The page you were looking for does not exist”


Try this: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https:%2F%2Fflippa.com%2F6841819-youthdebates-org


lol thats low.


Not sure what you’re on about.

The site was bought for $17k
The raw revenues are allegedly $12k
Assuming maintenance is around one third of that, profit is 8k. Nobody dedicates 8 hours a day to it to take a wage.
Would you like to count how long it takes to break even or do you need my help?

Regardless, beats the market even if the revenue halved.

Though I have a hard time believing this website nets in $12k but oh well the internet is full of surprises.

Much better and quicker return than if you bought a house in San Francisco.


I’m sure most will not believe me, but this is definitely not an investment I made centered around a return. I truly enjoy this forum and the community here. I do plan to make changes for the future of the forum as you all know.

Also I’m sure you all are smart enough to know if the revenues will be what it was claimed. I expect to lose money for long time due to costs on advertising, servers and misc costs. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to revive the community and set all the pieces in place for growth. That’s a huge time commitment, but I’m very, very excited to try and get it done.


People fail to put things in perspective. I have multiple friends who have raised respectable capital in stocks from a couple of dollars just by being smart and patient. Be fearless when others are scared and scared when others are fearless.


Good ole Buffet



Wanted to weigh in on this comment.

Dylan and I would never tolerate hate speech on our forums, we’d remove the post and warn the poster if they started using derogatory terms.

I’m not fully up-to-date on what’s been going on and what these new policies are, but if this is about if you should be able to use “nigger” and “faggot” freely, that would be a no from both Dylan and me.

I’ll be reading through the rest of this thread now. I have no power here anymore, but I imagine my word still holds some form of weight to it.


So Dylan was okay with scamming people off for thousands of dollars, but bad words were going too far?


I’m not sure where you’re getting “scamming people off for thousands of dollars” from.

@Dylan sold ownership to @shaz, at that point everything that happened is on @shaz and his management team.

If @shaz didn’t receive full access to the forum and it’s domains someone let me know, I’ll forward all complaints to Dylan myself but I won’t forward wild accusations like this one.

There’s also a difference between using racially derogatory words and censorship. YouthDebates isn’t publicly hosted by a government agency, and so any type of “free speech” law is an invalid argument. If you have to rely on harassing and bullying others to post on a forum about politics, you shouldn’t be posting at all.

You also have to remember @Dylan and myself were LGBT members. We’re both gay, we’re both liberals. Everyone has differing opinions but you would never get banned or censored for sharing your opinion. There’s a HUGE difference between hate-speech and political debates.

I’m not seeing your point? It seems like wild accusations to me.


Merging a bunch of forums into this one to make it look bigger than what it was and then selling it for an inflated price to someone who bought into the ploy falls into legally shady territory at the very least.[quote=“Nevieth, post:222, topic:106258”]
You also have to remember @Dylan and myself were LGBT members. We’re both gay, we’re both liberals.

And I’m transgender. Not to play oppression olympics, but I have to deal with a hell of a lot worse than a lot of gay men and yet I have much thicker skin.


One forum was merged with YouthDebates and it was a similar political forum. It made the most sense. The users were still active on both forums but it would remove the hassle of us having to moderate separately on two different platforms.

From the time Dylan and I were active it was going very well. We moved from the old forum software to this current one, and things kept progressing onwards.
I’m not sure what happened to turn the community against its leadership, or even if it’s still going on, but it certainly wasn’t related to the forum merge.

Also, that’s awesome to meet you, I’m not sure if we’ve talked before but thanks for replying to me. I don’t believe anyone in LGBT can say they’ve had it worse or easier than others since we’ve all had our own situations. I won’t get into that right now, though.

There’s also a difference as said before from having a thick skin/ politically debating, and using offensive and racist terms to attack others or to offend a vast minority.

It’s probably because of the latest US election that’s caused most of this anti-political correctness, but this site is unaffiliated with any form of Government, so they are absolutely free to administrate as they deem fit. Nothing is holding you to this forum, but I think I speak for everyone where the staff team doesn’t want anyone to leave. They probably want everyone to get along, post actively, and make this place a safe environment for non-toxic debates.

Again though, if you need to rely on calling someone a “nigger” or “faggot” in your post to prove a point, you might as well just not post it. Use other words, be respectful. You don’t have to ass-kiss anyone, nor do you have to hide your opinions, but you’re expecting to act like civilized adults.

Oh and were you even around when @Dylan, a few others, and myself were in charge? Were you around when @Dylan sold ownership and all rights to the forum to @shaz? It feels like you and a bunch of others are basing your anger and accusations on third-hand gossip.