Why don't the management care about the users?


There’s no point in arguing about this, we found the bid page back when Shaz took over and saw the inflated revenue and massively inflated activity / user count.

It has a lot to do with Shaz’s personality, not much to do with you and Dylan besides the fact Dylan sold it to him.

Most of the people angry with shaz, including the one you’re arguing with, were around when Alex still owned the forums. We were also all there for when practically none of the members of the other supposedly equally active forum joined besides you, Dylan, and maybe one other.


Glad to see you back. Please do pop in every now and then!

Also don’t mind them calling you and @Dylan scammers. They assume they know what actually happened and what deal was made. And they also assume that I care about the amount I paid for YD so they’ll make nonsensical comments about it behind their computers thinking it rattles me. That’s a joke. This is a hobby for me and luckily I can afford with my own money to have “expensive” hobbies (expensive to them).

Not worth your time to feed into their bait.


lmao yea dude we’re all just online losers and you’re the only one with money to blow getting scammed into buying a forum with fabricated revenue and traffic

insulting your lower-income users is quite a bold move, I wish I could be a great manager like you some day.


This one is actually the most interesting. He was a staff member once who screenshotted private conversations we had in slack and PMd each member of the community with a crazy conspiracy theory that I was working for a policitical candidate. The best part was he thought we couldn’t see what he was doing and asked everyone to keep it a “secret” and not mention his name. Talks a big game though doesn’t he?

Sorry to break it to you tough guy but I don’t have the time to be working for a politician and coming up with an elaborate reason to mix YD into it. But I’m surprised you’re even around. You must really love YD :wink:


The very fact that you comment on or reply to every little criticism about the forum - as well as put down users who hold the slightest amount of antagonism towards the way you run this place - doesn’t really back this statement up I’m afraid.


I didn’t assume anything man, I just didn’t care. Screen-capping the dumb shit you and the mods said was the only value I got out of being a mod. It’s a position with zero benefits to someone who doesn’t enjoy being an internet hall monitor.

[quote=“shaz, post:228, topic:106258”]
Sorry to break it to you tough guy but I don’t have the time to be working for a politician and coming up with an elaborate reason to mix YD into it. But I’m surprised you’re even around. [/quote]

lel you’re the one that said the ad company you work for was affiliated with the Hillary campaign in the chat buddy, and that’s what I showed people.

As I’ve mentioned before, you just own the platform.
I come back for the community.


Surprise surprise, someone is attacking the userbase again.


I know you get everything you post from a little corporate handbook, but please try to be original at least a little bit. These insults are just sad.



Teach me!

But real talk, I’m open to changing my “personality” to remove the drama in YD. We butt heads a lot and I think that will continue to happen but Im sure we can be friendlier to each other. So when you all, including @Ricky and @Josh_Waller and whoever, are ready to put it in the past and focus on the future let me know and I will do my best to change.

I wouldn’t be spending the monthly amount it takes to keep YD up if I didn’t care about it.


Lol, you literally charged onto the forum one day, baselessly accused us all of bitching without posting any contributive suggestions and antagonised everyone because you couldn’t keep a cool head.


I’ve done worse, but I’ll learn. We are all stubborn and very opinionated which is why we clash. But the staff team and @frankie talked to me yesterday and I agree at some points I was being a dick.

But it takes two to tango (what about this phrase @Flavia?).

Regardless I mean what I just said.


I would love to see his response to this one.







  • Access to all private messages
  • Entering private messages uninvited
  • Spying on and finding YD members on Facebook through their email registration

Are you people trying to make a good CV for your application to NSA



Would you be willing to hire me as a PR guy? I think I can probably communicate for you from a position which can relate more to the users.

I’ll work for 10$ of steam gift codes a month.


  1. Better than Sean Spicer


Spicer will go to the depths of hell for Trump. I’m not sure if you will for me :thinking:


I will argue youre not as bad as Hitler if that means anything to you