Why don't the management care about the users?


Well you obviously don’t, lol, given you are just ploughing on ignoring them at every turn. Nice try, though.


You’re still supporting a leader who doesn’t care about the users by remaining in his staff team, it’s time to take real action to oppose this poor leadership.


Disagreeing with the use of derogatory terms and enacting a policy doesn’t mean I’m ignoring or don’t care. I apologize if it came out that way.


Refer back to Waller’s quotes of you. You clearly don’t.


Mate, we’ve already got loads of evidence that shows you don’t care, don’t even try to backtrack.


I’ve already exhausted a lot of time discussing it; regardless I’m not going to just leave because I dont agree with a decision.


It’s not about an individual decision itself, you guys are backing a leader who doesn’t care about the users of this forum.


The Eternal Jew knows no bounds. First we’re subjected to an autistic forum design change, then expect to follow the rules of somebody who has no standing in the community, then the same guy locks a thread with no basis of me trolling and disregards 69% of the individuals in a poll who opposed censorship

This site is dead. We would have better luck creating a free forum that wasn’t designated specifically for debating; the large activity in the Facebook groups can give a jump in membership to thus idea


Why would @shaz buy the forum if he didn’t care about it? There’s no money to be made, no publicity, literally no incentive to buy the site apart from trying to make it better for the users.


Oh come on, Frankie. You’re either being blind or ignorant here.


Frankie. Frankie, Frankie, Frankie, Frankie, Frankie. Frankie. Now, let’s look at the evidence. Oh hey, Waller kindly provided some in his OP. Now, looking at said evidence, please proceed to highlight where, specifically, Shaz remotely cares about the forum, its user-base, or anything about it really other than enforcing his own views which he seems to view as infallible?


Or just being Frankie.


He bought the forum.


So? Just because someone buys a football club doesn’t mean they give two shits about the internal affairs of it lol. Can just use it as their plaything. Just as Shaz seems to be.


People buy football clubs because they generate massive revenues. Shaz bought the forum because he has the ability to help it grow.


Let us see.

Sure, Shaz may care about debating (within his own parameters), and the idea of a debating forum, great.

But he doesn’t about about YouthDebates.

He doesn’t care about our history, our users, our tradition, our values, or whatever. He’s better off starting from scratch, as he’s already said on the other thread:

He really doesn’t care, and the worst thing is he’s arrogantly not caring and dismissing the members who have stayed dedicated to this forum and tried to make it work.

Your failure to support this cause is distressing, and you are no friend of the cat.


He’s got the ability to kill it, as he seems hell bent on. Also, revenue =/= profit. Also, take the dick out of your mouth. You yourself apparently opposed it all so surely you aren’t so stupid as to not be able to see the path he’s clearly taking?


If he didn’t care, why would he ask me about the history, how YD operates etc.?

We both know that’s not the better option.

He’s not dismissing anyone. He is taking all of this on board.

I was willing to have a decent and polite conversation with you, but you had to ruin it.


Taking it all onboard
Ignores it all
Does his own thing
Clearly isn’t then is he


To look like he cares, he’s already shown that he doesn’t care via these posts.

It’s essentially what he’s doing anyway, by driving out the veterans (aka active members).

Frankie, he literally said when he put the poll up he knew what the result would be, so the whole thing was a farce.

You’re literally his stooge, and that’s how we will regard you.