Why don't the management care about the users?


She actually was against it as well and still is on the side of the vets. Also I’ve been replying from mobile and it’s not too easy to reply to everything at once. This is actually why I want an app. But that’s besides the point, I care about the opinions of the active and vet members here. However I won’t let them get in the way of the future and growth of the forum.

Again I don’t believe there will be that much of a change because there is now a stricter policy on derogatory terms and the discussions in the forum will still be of substance.

I’ll work on my dismissive and blunt nature as wel as it seems to have rubbed a lot of the vets the wrong way. I care more for discussion and no one has given me enough data to prove that deragatory terms help convey a point rather than offend a group. With that being said I still stand behind my decision but always welcome feedback about it.


So she isn’t, she’s actively defending you and your policies that are against the active users of this forum. You don’t care about the vets’ opinions, you care about you think is best, and you’re happily disregarding the opinions of people, some of whom who have been here for upwards of 2 years.

You’re alienating the core active usergroup, that’s a mistake.

Your attitude is irrelevant, it’s the fact your attitude accurately conveys that you don’t actually give two shits about our opinions, hence why you put forth a poll knowing what your decision would be regardless. It was simply a manipulative hopeful attempt that if you did get a good result, you could use that as justification - bad result? You disregard it and push forward anyway.


So because she defends my policies means she doesn’t agree with the vets? If that’s what you think, you have some hard truths coming to you after you graduate.

I’m alienating you and you seem to be the most upset about it.

Actually I was against polling. Suggestions were made that I create a poll so I did. But you’re right, looking back I did already make the decision however I wanted to see if anyone aside from staff could convince me to change my stance. That didn’t happen so I am now enacting a policy that I believe will be good for the future and growth of the forum. Will I piss some people, like you, off because of this? Sure. Does that mean I don’t care? Nope. Sometimes hard decisions needs to be made and I’m comfortable making them without needing to continuously justify why I’m making them.

Also I’m pretty positive that I stated the below at the end of the poll:


Defends anti-vet policies
Claims to agree with vets

Lol. Frankie may very well honestly agree with us, but if she’s going to publicly defend your policies and censor us, then I couldn’t care less.

Yes, I’m clearly the only one annoyed by this.

Oh dear, using the word upset, good job trying not to be condescending.

I’m so happy for you that you’re comfortable doing that; doesn’t change the fact that the poll was a farce to appease staff / give the impression of public opinion mattering in the decision making process.

The staff were overwhelmingly against, mate. However, if you mean yourself, sure, but you gave the impression that the poll mattered, it didn’t.


I think it’s interesting to note here, 66% of people don’t support the use of derogatory terms but 74% of voters think the management doesn’t care about the opinions of users, and 72% don’t have confidence in the current administration. It seems people support the vote, even those who voted against.


LOL how sad that @jwaller and @campo are so worked up about not being mods anymore they have to whinge and moan like the little babies they are. Grow up and have fun debating on the forum or leave, nobody wants to listen to your moaning; you don’t own this forum and you’re not a part of the team anymore, no one cares what you think.


No. Niger is the latin adjective for black. If you are going to speak Latin on the forum then great, use the word 'Niger’ to refer to the colour black all you like. If you are going to use the word ‘Nigger’ to refer to black people then you are are being racist and offensive and that clearly goes against the values of the forum. Your free speech isn’t being infringed, the owners of this privately owned forum reserve the right to moderate content as they please, just as you reserve the right to stop people coming into your own home and calling you a wanker.


Oh, get over yourself.

I’m sorry, but exactly is the issue here? This is a question to every person wielding a cat avatar (@Sir_Mobutu_of_Devons @Joshrune @Ragnar_the_Great @Vulpes @Spodershibe @BingoBongoLand @Campo @JWaller). They censored a thread saying “Jews are a living cancer”. They’ve said they’ll censor abusive language. What’s so controversial? Also how come the people most fanning the flames are among the least active ones?


It’s use of emotive language.

I’ve changed my profile pic because of the Shaz and Shez thing.

Btw: Most are banned temporarily on that list.


Go into more detail. What exactly is everyone so pissed off about?


That they can’t express their opinions using any word, the fact that is this just the beginning of the curbs to free speech, and the fact that Shaz is trying to elicit support using alt accounts.


Again, I do not have the time to create multiple accounts here and posts long rants about Trump. I assume if a user ever registers with the name Jon, it’s you correct? Your logic is flawed, incorrect and more importantly does not contribute in anyway to this community. I’m not addressing this issue again and don’t really care to “prove” to you that another user isn’t me.


Censoring abusive/racist language is hardly an outrageous curb to free speech…


This is quite different. It was called ‘Shez’, talked in-depth about the situation and supported you, and hasn’t replied since…


So you can be racist but not express it in the way you want? That’s curbing free speech. As I have said before, not necessarily ‘Freedom of Speech’ the definition, but in the sense that you can’t use specific words.


I dont understand why you want to say that you hate niggers.

You can literally go into detail about how your political ideology hates black people you just can’t say the word ‘nigger’ like what am I missing lol


I don’t want to say that I hate them, I never have ever used that word. My point is that some people word, because that words creates more emotive language. Although you could simply use ‘black people’, it’s a lot stronger to say it that way.


Is this still ongoing?


And not just that, but it did go against the popular vote. I know the vote isn’t the final word, it should be. It’s like having a referendum and going in the opposite direction, it makes no sense. Surely if this site wants to succeed it should cater to the majority of people… it’s only logical.


It wasn’t a major, life changing rule. And it wasn’t a referendum, it was an opinion poll.