Why don't the management care about the users?


It is quite a major rule. Again, it sets a precedent. Once this rule comes into place, it means that it is then normal to create more rules. I never said it was a referendum, I said:


It hardly had the weight of a referendum though. It was used as a guideline. Obviously the guideline was thought to be unneeded.


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford


It’s not about integrity. It’s about making fat stacks.


I take full responsibility for the poll. I fought for it to happen. I knew what the results would be and I hoped it would have changed Shaz’s mind.


I don’t blame you for the poll. I blame Shaz. Shaz refuses to accept that the majority of people want unrestricted freedom of speech. He went into the poll with his mind already made up, knowing what he wanted and what was going to happen. As I have said before; bigotry. He wasn’t going to let it go, and will not.


Will you carry on protesting until you see a change to the new ruling?


I went into the poll with a position. The poll results didn’t change my position. No one convinced me that we should not moderate these terms. Most justifications were really weak, like the one you gave about it conveying emotion and anger to intensify the response or position. Yeah that’s a poor reason to allow words like “nigger and faggot” to be allowed.


You’re still one of my favorites :facepunch:t3:


There is no such thing as abusive language, only people that get sticks up their asses


Surely you get offended by something. Don’t say you don’t because you must do.


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Well that is blatantly false. Words invoke emotions; some words invoke negative emotions; some words specifically exist to invoke negative emotions about the person to whom the words were directed. That’s basically what’s meant by “abusive language”. In addition, racial slurs and the like have set-in-stone implications, such as inferitority and whatnot. And being hurt by someone’s usage of language towards you is a perfectly normal response.

The issue is that verbal abuse has always been censored on YD whereas “abusive language” in general has not, especially slurs. And censoring the latter break YD’s policy for all of its existence and remove one of its basically only defining features.


he’s certainly offended by the changes, huh?

conservatives love to say liberals get triggered by everything but just say one negative thing about guns the flag or the bible they’ll be soon swarming to your house in beat-up trucks raised a foot higher than necessary.


It isn’t false. People are so miserable that they simply decide what word can trigger them. Words have no actual meaning, it’s merely a form of expression and communicating. Before words, early humans and even animals utilized basic grunting sounds to convey a message

Tomorrow the word “stupid” can all of a sudden somehow become “insensitive” . Are you planning on updating the list of words that people for illogical reasons have an issue with?


Lmao whatever dude. You really don’t know shit


correct I definitely don’t know anything about myself and how I, and not you, was kicked out of staff. I’m sure you know more about me than I do :slight_smile:


Literally everybody has had issues with you as staff. I was “kicked” from staff due to a lack of activity because of my long working hours and inability to be on the forum 24/7


I’m sure, I’m sure. :slight_smile:


If someone communicates intense hatred at you, and you respect them and desire their respect, then that’s going to feel pretty bad. If someone demeans you based on your heritage, that’s going to feel pretty bad. Do these sound wrong?