Why don't the management care about the users?


Are you joking?


not being civil hahaha Alias told me to “be civil” and I said “no” you act like there’s some long history or something you’re really kidding yourself here it’s sad really


Actually I had multiple reasons:

  1. Emotive Context
  2. (which I think is pretty good) This starts a precedent that allows for people to more easily add rules which restrict freedom of speech
  3. There isn’t a good reason to restrict Freedom of Speech on a debate site which was successful in the past with these words acceptable, and where people are adamantly against the restriction.

More recently:

  1. People that use them are sometimes gay/bi
  2. It’s stupid. If you can say “I hate black people”, why can’t you simply change the latter to a derogatory term. It will cause exactly the same amount of offence.
  3. I don’t agree with the creation of ‘safe spaces’ where people can hide from being offended.


most opposed
acts perfectly fine with the change

That’s something a bootlicker would do


Really? You’re “most opposed to the change”? That can’t be true. You’re sitting there watching it happening, and not doing anything to fight it. How weak.


In all fairness he has asked him to change his attitude, but when “bossman” owns the site and has the “my way or the highway” kind of thinking not much can be done.


Do you understand anything about anything?

What do you want me to do? This isn’t some parliament where I can throw up bills to stop him, he’s the big dick in town and he’s going to go through with this. I’m not going to leave over it if thats what you suggest.


I’m clearly the one who needs an attitude adjustment around here aren’t I?


When you are on a debating website and you don’t know how to resist change. I don’t know, let us see some of your debating?


Look. I understand where you are coming from, and you have every right to do what you’re doing. We’re simply in disagreement, and think what you’re doing is wrong and against everything this site stands for. Unfortunately you’re going to have a lot of veterans from this site leaving, and this is probably going to become the beginning of the end.


We have a private discussion platform called Slack that our in-team discussion occurs on.

I was one of the first posters on the poll thread if you want to dig it up. I did post in opposition to the change.


I refer to the OP. While others may need one, myself included maybe, it doesn’t disqualify you from needing one. At the beginning of all of this gave two shits about the community’s view and went around acting in a “I know what’s best” or “only my way” kind attitude.


Sure, but why don’t you try resisting more? You’ve made a few minor posts, but you haven’t actually debated for all of us to see.

I think one of the problems of this site is communication. We want to actually see the staff team debate some issues, that we know about, with all of us. Rather than for us to debate here, and for the staff team to debate separately. All we see is one post from each of you, and no actual debate.


First thanks for finally being reasonable enough to have a good conversation with. I know some vets are mad, I feel their frustrations. However we agree to disagree and when that happens I choose to make a decision myself for reasons that will hopefully be apparent in the future if things go as planned. I respect their need to revolt and feel like they aren’t being heard.


I have discussed heavily in slack. I dont know what more you want me to say, there is no sense in posting in both in response to Shaz when he already sees my replies in Slack.


Define heavily.


I’ve literally been reprimanded at work three times today for being on Slack on my phone.


Well at least we actually now get to see what you’re about. Do you understand our concerns about not actually seeing anything from the staff team?


Of course I do, and what you have seen has been sassy .gif responses from Shaz which didn’t help. He said he’d change that because me and Ricky brought it up with him.


@lake is on your side. Blame me, not him.