Why don't the management care about the users?


Lmao. I don’t think sassy is the correct word. I think it was more undermining, the whole demeanour was horrible. Ergo, I got angry and called him bigoted. If he had addressed our concerns properly and maybe loosened up, I think this situation could have been very quickly cleared up or at least not this crazy.


I agree that the entire approach to this from Staff has been fairly poor from everybody. I also understand some of your views (maybe your own) that this could be a slippery slope - and all I can say is that I’ll fight to make sure that doesnt happen. But I can’t give you anything more than that, unfortunately.


Agree with you John. We all make mistakes. I’m definitely learning a lot on the job and have recognized that I could have done things way better. I don’t agree that these mistakes should have resulted in an enormous amount of spam, trolls and disrespect. But to each their own.


This thread is for the expression of support of the return of @Allegrif to once more take the mantle of the forum in light of the clear lack of care and desire to cater to the existing user-base by the incumbent ‘head’ of the forum, @Shaz. Alex understood the need for listening to the user-base, listening to their views, avoiding policies that had a very sizeable opposition, for upholding the founding principles of the site, and more. Further, he actively engaged in a positive manner with the user-base rather than disregarding their views in favour of his own.

Do you support Alex’s return to the helm of YD?

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While I disagreed with him on a lot of decisions, Alex was literally the best admin this forum had.

Pls come back Alex.

Save us from Corporate Craig.


Working with Alex was a pleasure, and he bled, sweated, and cried into building this website. Bring back the A* Player.


Shame he sold it, he was a great guy on this forum.


If only this could happen. Since his departure, the site has been on a downward slope.


Nice of you censoring people’s opinions and closing posts to prevent any discussion of the typical norm


That’s something you have to discuss with @shaz


Just posted the below in the lounge.

“Mistakes happen, but we’re fortunate for an undo button if he in fact wasn’t trolling. Moderating ain’t easy.”

In that case, I assume you’re saying you weren’t trolling. It’s unlocked.

P.S. thanks for the tag @StrangeSignal, wouldn’t have seen this otherwise. Not sure why site recommendations don’t show up in the latest.


I don’t see why posts that stimulate discusson need to be closed even if they are “trolling”. Did you see how many posts we got when Vulpes was “trolling”. Most successful the forum has been in literally a year.


Yep you’re right that turned into a great discussion. We’ll learn from all this and get better.


But you aren’t learning from it. You’re specifically implementing posts that hurt that kind of thing. Where is your logic even coming from?


Says he’ll work on his attitude
Is still being condescending af

Well done, Shaz.


Can you show me what posts you’re talking about?


That was a slip. I mean policies not posts.


Mistakes happen, but we’re fortunate for an undo button if he in fact wasn’t trolling. Moderating ain’t easy.


Just don’t assume people are trolling. Actual trolling from this community is generally pretty low-profile and for personal laughs.


Good to know, however I don’t believe I was the only one that thought so. Not afraid to admit when I’m wrong though.

Any suggestions on how to tell if a member is trolling. Maybe we need a troll button next to the flag button.