Why don't the management care about the users?


Defend the right to troll!


And @Frankie wonders why we all call her names behind her back. =)






The Revolution Lives On!


Can someone please inform me what exactly they have censored? I know about the closing of @Ragnar_the_Great 's thread and also the whole issue with "derogatory terms, but other than that what else?


They just closed the stop censorship thread.


inb4 Youth debates becomes Correct the Record.


Fuck it, I’m out.


Hopefully he returns when he sees that the policies aren’t really hurting the forum as much as some may think. I like him.


Y’all really have to be very sad to make such a big deal out of it. Get a life.


Are people now making fake Shaz accounts and trolling?:joy:


That post was up for mere seconds, but I did manage to see it. Nice try, troll 10/10 @shaz

Jews don’t let anyone but ethnic Jews in their religion. Obviously troll post. This ain’t funny dudes, stahp.


Yes, yes they are. It’s not helping the quality of the discussion so don’t expect to see them around for long.


Someone made a “Shaz1” account posting an introduction claiming to be a Jew from Niger and thanking @shaz for making the site more welcoming. All before it was quickly deleted.


I saw that. Whoever made it either did not do his homework, or is a lame troll.


I’ve been gone a day and this place has flipped on its head.


What is your opinion on the uproar?


I trust the opinion of people who allegedly have experience in the real world over kids whining on a forum. If this change can increase the activity on the site over time, it is an intelligent decision by the admins.


Thanks for having a bit of trust in the administration, it’s a nice change considering the backlash.