Why don't the management care about the users?


As @Joshrune said in a different thread, the uproar is over the direction of the administration and especially shaz’s complete disregard of the opinions of the forum even when he asked for them. The PC policy itself is merely an aspect of this, and can be regarded as only the trigger rather than the crux of the dissatisfaction with the forum.


The opinions were not disregarded, they have been taken into account.


Certainly doesn’t look like it.


Lets play a game: how many times will someone post the same thing on this forum? We’re on three days now, we setting records here?

I’ve addressed my feelings regarding this responding to John previously.


The staff are still discussing the policy, and I can tell you they have considered what’s been said on the forum. Let’s wait until the policy on censorship (or indeed lack of it) is finalised and released.


So the staff don’t seem to like my posts containing freely availble public information about YD. Well, for anyone interested, the website is f l i p p a and is on the first page for google with the search “youthdebates”. I’ve been informed by shaz that if anyone wants to look it up they are welcome to. I fully encourage you to, it’s fucking brilliant.


This is a quote for anyone interested in whether shaz did actually say it.


Yes if you are interested in the financial transactions of YD, feel free to google.


I’m sorry, but did he use any derogatory terms? Why do you keep censoring him?


I’m not the one censoring him.


Well Mr. Bossman, figure out who did and fix it.


Who is?

I don’t think you have bots that can identify semantic and pragmatic meaning, so some member of staff had to be removing my posts.


@shaz, if it wasn’t you, then undelete the posts, stop justifying them in your PM, and get whichever belligerent staff member did it to stop doing it.


@Shaz No, I believe you aren’t the one doing it. But I certainly don’t think you give a fuck about your puppet censoring public information. If you didn’t care about it and actually cares about freedom of speech then you wouldn’t allow this shit to occur.


@shaz please unlock my thread for discussion of the issue I was having; it isn’t suited for the shoutbox, it’s suited for the thread created specifically for it


As I said, I really don’t know how to un-delete posts as of yet. I’m new to this software. I did alert staff to not delete things. That’s the best I can do now. I’ve contacted @Dylan to see how to do so.

I’m surprised at how quickly this community points fingers and causes an uproar. Please note that this is not my full-time job. If I take a while to respond it doesn’t mean I’m avoiding. Believe it or not this is a hobby and I still have other responsibilities I need to take care of.


We point the finger at you and your administration. There’s no other place we should.


spends probably a butt load of money to buy forum
spends time investing in it and transferring to new server
has to move so places trust in hands of some random
random inherently butt flux the forum and causes many members to become unhappy at retraded changes
dylan’s face when he returns


@shaz is the owner - he doesn’t run it for @Dylan.


Oh, so Dylan realized that he wasted his money in a dying forum and Jew’d the Jew and sold him a faulty product?