Why don't the management care about the users?


No. He wanted to sell it because he no longer had the time to deal with YD, and realised that the site would fare better under different ownership.


well it’s not lmao


It will.


“Trust us.” Is the new slogan around here.:joy:


good meme


If I had to choose between a dead forum or a forum that uses language such as “niggers and faggots” like it’s not offensive to anyone. It’s pretty clear what I would choose.

Regardless of if @Dylan approves or not, I’ll do my best to push it forward. I’ve heard multiple times already that YD is dead and in a downward spiral… so what do I really have to lose here?


Bingo has left, others are going to be leaving. Those leaving are the ones that have been around far longer than some random guy that knows nothing about the community; it should be pretty common sense when people use terminology such as “nigger”, “faggot”, “cunt”. etc they are not using it in a negative context, rather joking around with each other

This place has been around for years and there was no single issue with people using these words. The issue isn’t with the words. In fact there isn’t a single issue, you’re trying to fix something that isn’t broken and in doing so limiting people’s expressions. If I want to joke around with somebody that I’m friendly with with certain words then I don’t see a single issue. If people somehow get “offended” then maybe they need to stop being a wuss and grow a backbone and accept that people use different words.

These words in other countries and cultures may not carry any societal created negative notations so they will be at a lost

Also, you’re running so low on members that you have to resort back to using _lake again when he clearly has been an issue many times and various staff has even acknowledged he wasn’t a fit


“Trust the bossman. Positive vibes, bro.”


I was made moderator when Dylan was still owner and I was kicked out by Josh not ‘various staff’

Good jokes though buddy.


@shaz like my sarcasm?


Their loss. We run YD for the benefit of the users.

That is not clear to everyone, and in some circumstances it is not a joke. An outsider looking in may have no idea that it is just a joke.

Even if it’s not broken, it can be improved.

@_lake was brought back onto the staff team because I recognised that he had changed. His behaviour was much improved, his maturity had progressed and he expressed a strong interest in helping out on the site. I believe he is, in fact, crucial to the daily running and future progression of this organisation.


If you and the other members feel so strongly about how I run things, why don’t you put your piggy banks together and make me an offer?

I would love to see how many of you joke around with these terms in public in a place that you don’t feel comfortable in. The Internet has allowed people like you to make a joke out of other people’s feelings. It’s easy to say all this shit hiding behind a computer screen.


I for one can say that my friends and I joke around using those terms in many public places. While we may not believe what we are saying, it’s still fun to laugh about it.


Are any of these friends you “joke” around saying these terms with black or homosexual?


I don’t need to. Ironic you bring up the internet, which now has allowed people the opportunity to create free professional-tier forums without the high costs associated with one. And I have done so before would be glad to do it again if I get enough people to support the action

If a person gets offended by fucking letters then they have issues that need to be addressed. Funny you bring up public when the public has been pussified with changes you’re trying to enforce. What you’re doing is creating a sheltered place where people can live in a fantasy land where they don’t have people that use different words outside of their daily vocabulary. People need to learn to grow thick skin and the best way is to not censor certain words


I’m bisexual and Hispanic but I still use the terms “faggot”, “spic”, “beaner”, etc because they are funny and they are just WORDS. I don’t waste my time getting “triggered” by them


Disallowing a few terms that can be deemed highly offensive doesn’t exactly account to creating a sheltered place.


Have several black friends, which they allowed me to say “what up my nigga(er).” A black kid on the baseball team was constantly aware of our racist jokes, but also laughed with us. As does many of the friends I have that happen to be a different ethicity. It’s all about not being a little bitch and whining. Take a joke and have a sense of humor.


Who gives a fuck if people are offended? Maybe they should stop being FUCKING offended


Feel free to take yourself and the 5 members that have such thick skin behind their computers and start your own forum. When we fail I’ll even sell you YD pennies on the dollar. if you’ve done this before you clearly know how to run successful communities so best of luck buddy. I’ll be happy in your success!