Why I'm Too Selfish to Have Children


I used to be like that.

Now I want to have one kid. Probably around the age of 30 once I have finished education and got a good job. Sadly the only option for me will either to have a surrogacy or to adopt.


I also don’t want children, but for different reasons—I am a disaster.


I keep switching between wanting to have children and not wanting to have children, but for entirely selfish reasons.

At the end of the day, without children:

  • Your health at the end of your life is entirely on you. Nobody will look out for you.
  • Your wealth at the end of your life is entirely dependent on your life investments. Nobody will look out for you, and you are at the mercy of your state pension. The smallest change can destroy your life.
  • You are more likely than not to be lonely at the end of your life. Stats show that more than 4 million of retired people have gone more than a week without talking to another human being.
  • You are more likely than not to have a funeral with no one there but the funeral directors. That’s assuming your body is found if no one visits you.
  • You will have had (probably) zero legacy on the world, hence your life hasn’t really been used for anything.


I want kids, but because I have such a large ego I mainly want them right now so I can mould them into the image I have of myself - Intelligent, curious about the world, caring about friends and family, strong (almost).

I want to be able to channel my own knowledge into a mini me, and see them prosper.

Then again, I am a bigheaded twat at times.


Actually it’s fairly exponential. I knew a grandmother in my old neighborhood who had over 300 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren before she died.

Plus, as long as you raise them, they’ll keep little parts of you in their personalities, which can manifest for generations.

And it’s merely another way to pass on your legacy, not generally the full extent of it.


Looks like someone feels sorry for themselves.


I don’t; I just recognize my failures.