Why is it

That every American live action movie adapted from a japanese video game or cartoon, always have a white guy with the title characters name when it obviously doesn’t fit? Just curious.

Are you mad about that DBZ movie? That thing is purely for the lolz.

Their trying to get you to learn Japanese, by making you want to watch the originals. :nod:

believe it or not…when they cast for the series ‘kung fu’ in the 70’s,bruce lee applied for the role and the t.v. bigwigs decided he looked way too chinese to play a shaolin monk…so david carradine got the role

I’m not even a DBZ fan but it looks silly. And it goes with alot of other movies produced through out the 20th and 21st century.

The only movie I’ve seen that actually fit the video game was Mario Bros to a degree. :24: