Why no thread on the latest tube attack - against the narrative perchance?


Who’d a guessed it - another terror attack in London and no threads on my favourite leftie website, aka YD - so , who was the latest perpetrator, and more to the point, why no threads here?


because the forum is basically dead and the majority of what little posters we still have are busy playing pretend nations


what’s happened to it??? not been here a while , but for sure, does seen a little quiet


people either just aren’t as active or have decided to leave

the forum has been declining like this for years


aw shucks…Martina is off to greener pastures then!:heart_eyes:


a majority of our userbase are right-wing

its also the weekend which is our least active time

what Joshrune said is also correct, this forum is dying and our owner has basically abandoned the forum.


Who is the owner?





Did you miss the idiot train today again?


Anyone who thinks this is a “leftie website” is a moron.


there’s an owner?

i have to say mr shaz must be a very well respected DNC sorosian to buy a ford fiesta then leave it to rot in the car park when he goes to the other side of the world for forever

i’ve moved away to trolling nationstates forums anyway, name is soton seas


is it?

plenty of people on the right have quit


that’s why the majority are right-wing


Nationstates is ripe for trolling due to the large amount of easily triggered leftists.


leftie mog
king coco


/john & joshrune depending on their mood on the given day




I wouldn’t call these “left”. And as for coco, I doubt it.


I wouldn’t call josh and john “right” either but I was nice. Either way if we put all 4 in the centre that still means more left-wing active posters than right…

and come on… i’m going to pretend you didn’t post that last sentence


Love you too you cancerous little piece of shit. <3


What about Doctapper and Reckonz2 ?

Posting /leftypol/-tier shitposting once in a while and among other stuff does not make one left-wing.

I do think that the disparity between left and right -wing posters is about equal, considering that last year there were a lot more right-wingers. The list of users doesn’t take into account their activity.

The active userbase is at an all-time low, though. I can’t remember it ever being this bad.


centre-right thug life