Why no thread on the latest tube attack - against the narrative perchance?


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Also forgetting Doctapper and Reckonz who are both right


Isn’t @Sukhy a registered Labour voter?


She doesn’t like Corbyn so she’s a blairite I think


I see, and I also thought they were a dude.


Was :drooling_face:


And me.


the former hasn’t posted politicky stuff since 2005 and only hangs around the shoutbox and lounge, the latter hasn’t posted politicky stuff since 1961 and only hangs around the meme shitpost dump

he’s posted on normal threads fairly frequently, yes with decreasing rate, but almost always in a very left-wing fashion. are you forgetting he supported bernie?

yeah but as i said most of the recent people who quit were ‘on’ the right

ty bby

dude plz you’re not even trying to be impartial, i went as far as trying to accept john as one of my own, you didn’t attempt to accept the same of some mildly left like choke on nuts. and sukhy being a blair supporter doesn’t make him right in any way?

i understand you’re trying hard to make sure that the stereotype of the userbase being right-wing continues but this is simply no longer true. it always used to be majority left-wing with the active majority right-wing, now the ‘political pendulum’ of this forum has swung from the centre slightly to the left.

not that this is a big point since a single person quitting at this point will shift it either way cause the forum is so small. i feel like i’m on a fishing boat with titantic aspirations in both meanings: trying to be big while actually sinking

i love how lake agrees you’re under ‘weirdo’ but cameron isn’t


Chuckle has never talked any good about socialism/left wing stuff beyond social issues and sukhy supports macron and has left labour, the other day posted and laughed at a youtube video called “leftist crying about x election”


I just don’t know where she is on the spectrum anymore

I agree it doesn’t really matter though


Is universal healthcare considered’ socialism’ outside of America? Because that’s about it really.


her :frowning:


I’m not sure if I should be offended about being forgotten, or relieved that I’m not in the “weirdos” group…


Nah, he’d probs place you Centre or Left


people started getting laid


They posted their profile pic a while back, fairly attractive lady actually. (Assmuning it’s not another 50 year old man disguised lol)


why thank you