Why ((sensible)) people don't read the Daily Mail


Just a note for anyone that doesn’t know why the Daily Mail is a poor quality newspaper, you just have to read the comments to their articles to see the kind of people that read it.

There may be plenty of extreme progressive people, but there are equally, in some cases more deluded, people on the opposite end of the spectrum.

It’s even clear that some of these people don’t watch the show because they would know that Missy (previously The Master) is a Time Lord.


“Time travel is a man thing” I think that one is the best quote from those comments. And in all seriousness a female doctor could be interesting to see, especially if they choose her a male companion (since with the final I’m pretty sure we aren’t seeing any more of Billy after Christmas right ?)


I highly doubt they could really carry on the whole Cyberman thing.


>watching Dr. Who

also you can find drivel like this in any unfiltered comment section on any major newspaper


Yeah but she isn’t a cyberman anymore with the whole Pilot thing (which to be honest I feel is a bit too much of a Deus Ex Machina, even for Doctor Who)


I don’t watch Dr. Who, but this really depends on whether the plot has allowed for it. From what Tardis wiki has said

The majority of Time Lords were Gallifreyans


Like humans, Gallifreyans could be male or female. Females were sometimes referred to as Time Ladies

I don’t know if there’s a plot point which invalidates that, but there’s the person @John mentioned…

I don’t see why not have a female doctor. She’ll still probably end up with a lower salary than her companion… (sigh)

There are two extreme sides of the spectrum - those who try to change everything in a fit of rabid political correctness because they think everything is broken, and those who try to keep everything the same because they’re scared that society will move too quickly for them to adapt. Both sides look at each other as proof their own side is correct and the other is wrong and they get paranoid that the other side is winning everywhere. It may be kinda obvious, but its so fucking annoying…


Oh yes. I forgot about that bit.

Not enough companions die in the new series’. The closest we got to death was Amy and Rory. I know it wasn’t common either in the old series, but I think it’s time for a good tv death.

NOTE: Not counting River because she died when we first saw her.


Women are “sometimes” referred to as Time Ladies. It’s used rather interchangeably. The actual species, so to say, is Time Lord.


Literally no companion really died in the new series (except somewhat Amy and Rory, as you said), and I’m not opposed to that in principle, but that’s conditioned by how ridiculous their death replacement is.


i could dig an enby doctor


Ugh why are they called cybermen? They should be called cyber gender less people to appease the very loud and insane.


you don’t read a newspaper because of the stupid comments in it?

so i guess you don’t read any newspaper with a comment section then?

and yes i know im stretching by implying you may be sensible


Actually, cyber men are genderless.

To quote the Cybermen:

But you need not fear. Cybermen will remove fear. Cybermen will remove sex, and class, and colour, and creed. You will become identical. You will become like us.

The above is the “Doomsday” episode.

((And yes I know you are using satire to make a point))


I thought Amy and Rory really died if I remember correctly. Rory saw his name on a gravestone and Amy went off to face the Weeping Angel. It’s been a while, and I miss them. It’d need some time to adjust if the Doctor regenerated into a woman, but I think Missy’s been received well. Are Clara and Me travelling through space and time still? That could count, I guess.


They really died, but they didn’t directly get killed is what I meant, they just got sent back in time and died of old age after living their lives.

Missy is one of the main reason I believe that the Doctor regenerating into a woman could work, because despite initial doubts I really liked the character and could envision this happening with the Doctor.


In ways she was better than the Master. It allowed the writers to dive into a new side of the Master. A new sinister evil, but also a different kinder side - striving to be better.


That’s the point though. There is no proper death. Clara died, but she comes back and she gets a good ending where she travels around the universe. A proper death would be out of nowhere and that’s it. (I realise that this death would be a bit too far, but a little throwback to the older episodes) There is a 12 part old series Dalek story called The Daleks’ Master Plan. The video is missing, but the sound is intact and fan animations are done of it. It was one of the most sinister stories. Three companions died.


well they’ve revealed the new doctor as Jodie Whittaker


I just made a thread :blush:


Although I have never watched Doctor Who personally, it worries me that we might end up seeing a female James Bond at this rate