Why Shouldn't Children Vote?


[QUOTE=“Chrome, post: 406806, member: 3050”]Ideally they should be. However, we have voting rights for those who are uneducated because of two things:

  1. They pay taxes
  2. They serve in the military[/QUOTE]
    And how about those who are unemployed or work other jobs?


[QUOTE=“ShanklinR, post: 406850, member: 1790”]If anything voting should be means tested to incentivize becoming informed before marking a ballot.

Fight me @Jamietuts[/QUOTE]
How the F does having an income make you informed? Plenty of uneducated bigots out there with salaries

or are you saying that the poor should not be allowed to vote?


[QUOTE=“kenny, post: 406885, member: 6588”]And how about those who are unemployed or work other jobs?[/QUOTE]

I’m fairly certain the unemployed aren’t entirely exempt from taxes. As for working other jobs, I have no idea what you mean.


a kid could still pay taxes if they earned money cash in hand, then bought something and thus paid sales tax

so , should he be allowed to vote?


[QUOTE=“kenny, post: 406888, member: 6588”]
so , should he be allowed to vote?[/QUOTE]

If taxes were the only qualification for voting yes. However they are not, so no.




Because people who don’t own property shouldn’t vote.


But are they not still affected by the decisions of the state?


They are, but that doesn’t mean they know what is best for themselves. Most people don’t, which is why I disagree with total democracy.


Might I ask how property elevates someone in this regard?


You ask so many questions.
A large part of the court system, civil, criminal and everything inbetween, is often about either someone being deprived of property or someone gaining property. To own property is to have worth, children do not have worth to that extent because they, legally, cannot own property. This doesn’t mean children are worthless however.


Pretty much.

I prefer to ask people to explain stuff rather than me being like “hurr durr you’re wrong imo for these reasons” because I like to see where people are coming from.