Why they have to pop back up in ur life

:madOk why is it when I havent thought about my ex for a while and when I get a random add on msn I accepted it thinking it was another mate that I no its him giveing me abuse :mad Im trying to carry on be strong that I don’t no him and never did and he did that saying you will always love me forever and always errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no chance you cheated and got a girl pregnant lol

He sounds very pathetic. Just ignore him.


want him hit?..wheres he live?

Just ignore him, hopefully he’ll eventually get the message. My ex keeps tryna add me on facebook but I keep rejecting the invite, if he does it yet again I’m going to send him a message telling him to leave me alone.

If he keeps trying to add you after a couple of months I suggest you send him a message before blocking him again telling him you don’t want to talk to him?

my offer is $400 flexible for the hit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lmao ill do it myself haha :stuck_out_tongue: i dont need him haha im going on a diet get some sunbeds and enjoy being single :stuck_out_tongue:

good girl! :thumbup

Cheers lmao