Why were the highscores cleared out?


i lost my trophy :think


so more games would be played, many people wouldn’t play games because the high scores seemed unbeatable.


…I was the reason they changed it. :owned


i own bmx tricks… that is the only game that i will defend :rock


I got my 1 back I’m happy…joe you still owe me for boxing


MD, I thought there was still gonna be an ‘all time high’ board.


Theirs supposed to be a hall of fame, things havent worked out with the software the way I’d hoped.


stop beating around the bush you still owe me for boxing


Re: RE: why were the highscores cleared out???

i have 30 to defend :smiley:

but im sure ill lose them soon… most of them are sucky scores but i was the first to play them again - still, its cool to see that i have 30 at one time :booze

and sloyd is still showing up broken for me btw - the high score should be the low score, but theres already a zero there so my score wont go in for the trphy :frowning:


well fuck …you have no idea how long it took for me to get that damn trophy

then just take it away like that …can you at least compensate me some tokens or something? btw no score is unbeatable if you keep trying like i did

no reason to take away peoples hard work just because other people werent willing to work as hard


he still owes me


Well I only had one anyway, so it won’t be a problem to regain my status.


had 5 last night 3 now


I got 6 now! WOOT! http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/536fd842c4ab28d635e7f85098740d38.gif


fug u pay me


Sorry there Bacon. Had to take that D-Tunnel back from you.


fug u pay me