i cant run hardly any programs cause my computer usage is at 100% i have a 256 ram for the time being. my other comp. had a virus infection. i got some games and cant play the whole game. it slows down and i lose sound and then it shuts off and it says on the bottom of the screen that my computer usage is at 100%. and my mb of ram is at 233. what the fuck is going on.


spyware dude…


ok ill run some tests. i have 3 programs i run and ill see if anything comes up.


ok scratch that 233 o mb of ram. i meant page file usage history. now its at 310 mb and cpu usage history is at 100%


you got too many programs running dude. get some more ram, running off your page file is gonna cause your comp to go sloooooow… if you run out of allocated space for the paging file then your gonna start dropping programs.


I believe I have a 256 mb ram stick sitting here that I’m not ever going to use. I could sell it to ya for 30 and shipping.




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that is a sdram stick, you say 256mb, and it is either pc100, or pc133… i doubt pc66, because those are rare…



Would it work for him?


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Would it work for him?[/quote]

it depends… if the ram slots on his motherboard fit the 2 notches at the bottom with the small metal plates, yes, in theory, it will. usually if the system only uses pc100, if a pc133 is put into a slot, it will run perfectly fine at pc100 speeds…

nowadays though, computers just finished with the generations that supercedes pc100/pc133… ddr166-400… the newest generation of system memory is ddr2 533-1000… (extremely fast…)

and then there is overclocking :stuck_out_tongue:


:tard :dunno

Sad thing is I went to school for that sort of thing but after 3 years it’s all but gone.


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[quote=2000Si]:tard :dunno

Sad thing is I went to school for that sort of thing but after 3 years it’s all but gone.[/quote]

i done learned it at home… :dunno


hey haus, figure out what kind you got, or take a pic of it…ive got some of both kinds i can gank from the store i work at and send it to ya for free!!! not trying to undercut ya SI but i feel generous today…


btw…there is some new spyware out now…cant remember the name…but it causes cpu spikes/overheating/full load on the cpu, and none of the main spyware companys have the fix for it yet. there is a very good possibility thats his problem. its actually pretty neat how this spyware program works, everytime the infected/virus file is quarantined/removed it quickly recreates and renames itself with a random name generator. someone did thier homework this time and its causing lots of problems. :smiley:


well i checked the prosess and the big thing using alot of my cpu % was a file called fahcore_78.exe i tried to google it and it seems like its a screen saver. its folding@home. i dont know what the hell that is or why its on my computer but i took it off and my cpu usage % is down to 2-5 % it goes into my C/windows/temp folder


now boot your compouter into safe mode, disable the file again if you need to and run antivirus and antispyware programs…good luck


done. a few things popped up. pretty much just cookie trackers.


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thanks for the offer but im not keeping this computer long. im getting my other one fixed and am just using this in the mean time. seems to be running great now. with the cpu usage back down to around 3%. i defragmented my HD this afternoon. took like 6 hours to do it. but seems to run much faster now.


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I had spyware from downloading…ummm…movies. Yeah, movies. and it caused the same symptoms you are describing.


i dont download movies. i usally download music and used to download software sometimes from a P2P like ares. but i stopped that cause pirating software can get you in a hell of alot more trouble then downloading music. but i dont have much spyware if any on my system. as far as i know. i run 3 programs every day to everyother day plus a anti virus program. so im good. my other computer on the other hand is a different story. there was so much shit on that system that when i turn it on it turns right back off. :dunno