Will You watch the movie in theater ....?

Will you watch the movie X-MEN ORIGINS : WOLVERINE in theaters??

Prob not unless someone asks me to go… I’ll prob wait til DVD or just bootleg it.


i think i saw the pre-release version of the movie, some parts with CG were yellow blobs and stuff

I has a bootleg DVD. :smiley:

Doubt it. I rarely get out to the theater myself and I have to pick and choose which movie I feel like booing at in public.

Already? Is it crappy quality? I remember when I downloaded The Dark Knight it looked like someone had video taped it in a theater.

Yup Yup to watching it in theater! :willy_nilly:

Unless Satin wants to let me watch her copy I will be seeing it in the theater.


Hugh Jackman (wheres the drooling smilie)


shes only made 2 posts… i think shes a movie Narc:willy_nilly: