Witnessed a fender bender today


Yep. My brother and I were exiting the mcdonalds (ugh…) after lunch to go back to the jobsite to start on the prewiring. We were coming out of the parking lot and up to a left turn, there’s no light and cross traffic has the right of way. So were sitting there waiting, and jeremy could have gone had this old lady rushed across and made her left in the opening she had. But she didn’t.

So we’re waiting, she’s waiting, and waiting… and then she starts inching her car forward, next thing I hear is tires screeching.

“i’m thinking wtf” as I look up and watch as this old silver volvo slides right into this old lady’s Taurus, busting out his turn signal.

As we stare in awe, I start to kinda laugh and look over at this HOT chica in the SUV beside us and she’s smiling ear to ear just like I am as we look at each other.

Anyway, so the guy puts his car in park and just friggen sits there in his car, on the phone finishing up the call he was on as he was driving before the accident. The lady in the taurus sits there in her car flabberghasted that it just happened.

Now the accident occurred, and was the total fault of the old lady turning left. BUT, my question is this… could any blame be put onto the guy in the Volvo? He was on his phone, travelling too fast (prolly 40 in a 30), and obviously wasn’t paying attention.

Would that fall under a “cell phone accident” if he even bothered to tell the police that he was on his phone?

That was my excitement for the day.


Thats hard to say. Mrs B had an accident once where she got hit by a guy who was drunk and driving about 10 mph too fast. She got the ticket and nothing was ever said to him all b/c she had a stop sign and he didnt.


well…anytime someone gets hit from behind (almost on all occassions) it would be the persons fault that hit them from behind. THEY failed to yield.


they hit head to head though. he tagged her front bumper when she tried to make a left in front of him.

There was probably nothing more than scratches done to her car though. he busted a turn signal cover.


ohh… my bad. I read it wrong.


Re: RE: witnessed a fender bender today.

I could understand why he may not have gotten a ticket for going 10mph faster than the speed limit. How could that be proved in a court of law? But if he were truely drunk, then he should have been thrown in the clink.


What about the chica in the SUV??? Did you get a number or what man??? :smiley: