Woman lost her life trying to save her children


This is such a sad story. I’d imagine we’d all do exactly the same thing!!



Man that is a said story, it’s parental instinct to protect their children at all costs.


tis a sad tale, matey…


That just gave me the chills! I have a Dodge Durango and 3 kids myself! The same thing as she did! I could just only imagine how she panicked! I feel so sorry for the family and what they must be going thru.


Im sure its tough, especially for the child who put the truck in gear. I can only image what therapy that kid might go through. I feel bad for the whole family, especially the mother.


Thats truly sad…Never leave your car running or your keys in it people


Damn, that’s horrible. If I were the kid I would never be able to get over it…I feel so bad for the mother…so sad…