Won 2 tickets


To a showing of star wars episode 3, 1 day before premiere…WOOT :popcorn :popcorn


good on ya




only downfall is i gotta drive 2 hrs away to see it, and i’d have to get off work about 4 hours early. but thats little stuff. Wonder if i should go to MF and spoil it for everyone there. Hrmmmmm. :dunno


do it…lol


I’d sell them on E-Bay :smiley:


yeah, thats what i was thinkin…


probably make back


Cha Ching…theres a lot of Star Wars groupies that would pay well for them im sure :rock


I meant bank


Re: RE: Won 2 tickets

Thats ok Bacon we know thats how you like it… :smiley:




I wonder if Dudes going to try and sell them?


not sure if i want to. i’m going to have to think about it tonight. i really want to see this movie. so its gonna be a hard decision. plus my mom won them and gave them to me, and i don’t wanna hurt her feelings. ya know.


If you get enough money take your mom to see the movie later :rock And spend the cash on your car :gears or Boozin :booze


:booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze it up


Who in the hell would buy them on Ebay???


welp, me and my little bro are gonna go see it. yay. promise i won’t spoil it for you guys…


Well… hope you enjoy your free tickets.


Damn u lucky SOB… :fu

But i can wait anyway psh